Julien Macdonald TSV, Tanzanite & Fashion


I hope you’re all good. It’s been a busy but fun productive week for me. Mum has gone to Ghana until July, and you’d think she’d ease off ordering from QVC, but she still messages me almost daily asking what the TSV is!

I cannot believe it’s May! It’s a year since my audition with QVC, time has flown, and I’m thoroughly enjoying being part of an amazing team, finding my feet and still learning every day, every show and of course I love the clothes!

And speaking of clothes, I still can’t get over the fact that I presented shows with Julien Macdonald! He has designed clothes for some of my favourite celebrities and huge names. I feel so blessed to have shared the screen with him on QVC.

JM Fashion denim jacket

He brings us an amazing Today’s Special Value, Julien Macdonald Military Style Twill Jacket in in five great colours; White, Orange, Black, Fuchsia and Cobalt. Julien’s international designer star experience and energy is in all his pieces, extremely fashionable, timeless, and well made. The jacket is perfect for now and will serve well across all the season, definitely getting your money’s worth.

It will go great with what outfits you already in the wardrobe and even what I’m wearing in the photo with him, his Chiffon Overlay Top and Legging with Zip Ankle Detail. Julien’s passion for wanting every woman to look and feel fabulous is evident in this jacket.

Julien Macdonald and Ophelia on set

If you wanted to really treat yourself also to some timeless beautiful jewellery, I presented my first hour of Premier Tanzanite and, oh my goodness, I was just blown away by those gorgeous pieces! Tanzanite is a real treat to anyone who has this magnificent gem. It is one of the rarest gemstones on the planet and only found in Tanzania. I presented so many gorgeous pieces and I naively thought the stones were all the same blue, but I got mesmerised with each piece and there was like a beautiful hue and dance of colours all unique in each stone. I felt very special and regal trying the stunning rings.

A fashion highlight from last week is from Frank Usher, I love the Animal Print & Gold Tone Foil Button Up Long Line Shirt, I wore it as a dress with a Kim & Co belt and Moda In Pelle Lizeth Knee High Boot. Such a stylish, fun outfit!

Ophelia wearing Frank Usher

Let’s talk tech, I had my first tech TSV last week and loved it. I don’t know too much about tech or the latest gadgets and honestly a bit afraid of it all but how wrong was I?! The pieces we have are very straightforward and I ordered the Amazon Firestick at 1am when I got home after presenting the show. I can’t wait for it to arrive and upgrade my entertainment at home or wherever I take it. Honestly don’t know why I don’t already have this in my life! I’ll report back when I receive it and given it a go.

I hope you all have a fantastic week, thank you for reading my blog, watching and shopping with us.

Lots of love,

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