Living my dream as a QVC presenter

Thank you for the welcome and welcome to my first QVC blog, wow I still can’t believe this is real. This is a dream come true, getting to wear gorgeous clothes and make-up, talking on screen as part of this amazing QVC community!

My first week has been incredible! I’m living my best life – I debuted on QVC Style presenting Together Fashion and Moda in Pelle, filmed a fun blog with Annaliese in some of our favourite outfits and met so many inspiring people. I loved playing dress-up with our incredible stylist Stine and had my make-up done by the brilliant Make-up Junkies.

I absolutely love make-up, but if I’m honest I was slightly worried as in the past, due to being dark skinned, some make-up artists have shied away from doing my make-up, which made me very insecure because there just were not enough shades for dark-skinned black women but thankfully this has improved.

I shared this concern that still slightly haunted me with June who welcomed me with open arms and reiterated with the biggest smile that she wants to and is excited do my make-up. We found many brands on QVC which cater for all shades including Estee Lauder Double Wear and Bobbi Brown Skin Wear Foundation, and how did I not know about Tarte eye palettes? The nicest, sparkliest eyeshadows – wow! I now feel confident having my make-up done, plus June and her team are make-up queens.

My favourite outfit of the week (pictured above) was the Ruth Langsford skirt which is gorgeous and fits so well and a WULI:LUU by Gok Wan top. I’m all about positivity and affirmations so was instantly drawn to the ‘I AM STRONG’ top, plus the Skechers trainers really brought out the white in the top.

My mum is so proud of me. She told everyone at her church, the priest, his wife, the whole congregation which added more pressure as she made out like God was watching my first show too! You would think I’m mum’s favourite QVC presenter but nope… it’s Dale and she was beside herself when I did my introduction with him. I asked her how I did on my first ever time on QVC and she proceeded to tell me how wonderful and warm Dale was, asking when his next food show is!

I’m so excited to learn about the beauty products and to being surrounded by so many experts with exceptional knowledge, however I’m quite embarrassed to tell you I have no skincare regime, never used a toner or serum on my face in my life. Please don’t judge me!

I’m so lucky to have been introduced to many brands on my QVC journey so far and this weekend I tried Algenist Blue Algae Vitamin C Dark Spot Correcting Peel . I don’t think I put enough on my face; it wasn’t blue just shiny, I’ll get better at this skincare business but what an experience. It was like a spa in my little bathroom! It smells delightful and I did have that slight tingling sensation as it states, but after washing it off 20 minutes later following the instructions, my face felt so soothed, nice, and fresh.

To celebrate my first week at QVC, I went out for cocktails. To add a bit of life to my all-black outfit, and being a lover of sparkles and glitter, I wore the Big Deal Skechers Flex Renew Shimmer Show slip-on shoes in Taupe. I have never experienced such cosiness, the foam cocooning my feet was so soft and they dazzled so lovely in the bar as I danced the night away full of happiness.

My first week at QVC has been amazing, I feel so lucky, blessed and I could not be happier. I couldn’t ask for more, well a soulmate but that’s a whole other blog haha! I made a few rookie mistakes in my first appearances, pronouncing a few shoes incorrectly (oops!) but I’m learning and I’m excited to grow with this amazing team and community at QVC.

Thank you for having me, I’m going to do you all proud.

Lots of love, light and sparkles

Ophelia x

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    1. Hi Mose,
      Thank you so much for your message. I’m having the best time! Everyone is so supportive and uplifting

  1. Ophelia, what a lovely, happy blog! I have to break it to you…I suspect working at QVC is going to cost you a fortune! Skincare, cosmetics, clothes…oh dear. Your happiness radiates from the tv and you’re a pleasure to watch. Can you IMAGINE your Mum if you get to do a food show with Dale? I’m smiling just thinking about it!

    1. Hi SheMag
      I’m so glad you enjoyed my blog, it was fun writing it. Still can’t believe I’m writing a blog as a QVC Presenter! Thank you so much for your kind words. My mum would be sooo excited if I did a show with Dale! Might ask the bosses if I can do it for her birthday haha x

  2. Welcome Ophelia, I haven’t managed to catch up with you onscreen yet but I’m sure that will happen soon 😊. Don’t worry about the mistakes, we all make them and that’s how we learn. Look forward to seeing soon.
    Love Anne x

    1. Hi Anne
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write me a message and for your kind words of support! I hope I entertain you and make you smile when you catch me. I’m like a kid in a candy shop on every show haha xx

  3. This blog has raised my spirits and brought such joy. Your mum should be proud as you are a delight of an addition, along with Annalise, to the QVC team. As for make-up worries that should not be an issue now, though too long coming. I’m delighted you have joined the team. Good luck, you deserve it. So pleased !

  4. What a lovely down to earth first blog. I am sure Keeley will have lots of skin care advice for you. I really look forward to seeing you on screen soon x

    1. Hi Heather,
      Thank you for your kind words, I really enjoyed writing the blog. I had an hour chat with Keeley, she is just so amazing and radiates positivity xx

  5. Welcome to QVC Ophelia! It’s so nice to see both you and Annaliese on the channel. It’s really nice to see presenters that are just like me. Your post about makeup really resonated with me as I too have struggled with makeup too but it seems to be getting better now. I watched your early shows on QVC style and it’s great you’re on the main channel now. I look forward to seeing more of your shows and I hope you get to do some of the beauty shows too, especially Nails Inc and OPI as I love nail polishes. Keep up the great work. 😊

    1. Hi Charlene,
      Thank you so much for your message, it means a lot! I was nervous I can’t lie haha, but the team are incredible and so supportive. It’s great that we have more options with make up now because the struggle was real. I was actually blown away by Estee Lauder shades, I didn’t know they had so many options until I started with QVC as I’d just stuck to my Bobbi Brown. The beauty shows are coming – I can’t wait, so excited xx

  6. Hello Ophelia, What a lovely blog, your enthusiasm is clear to see & I wish you every success. Just be yourself & you’ll be a star. Joanna

    1. Hi Joanna
      Thank you so much for your message, I still can’t believe I’m even writing a blog as a QVC presenter! I’m glad my passion is clear to see as I’m having the best time and learning so much xx

  7. Hello Ophelia
    Lovely to see you presenting at QVC. You are doing a really great job, so professional and clear. Wishing you every success and happiness at the amazing QVC. Bridget 🙂x

  8. Welcome to the QVC family. Hope you having fun and enjoying yourself, must say both newbies are a breath of fresh air….your doing a great job x good luck

  9. You are doing a great job Ophelia.It is nice to see different presenters we can have idea what regime skin care they have.
    And it will be nice if you tell us your makeup routine.

  10. Hi Ophelia,
    Loved your blog, and your honesty about your lack of skin care routine. It is so great to see two new presenters and especially two people of colour, bringing a more diverse team, and recognising that there were people like us out there! Trust me… will be sucked in (in a good way) to new products to make you look even more beautiful. My girls used to hate watching QVC because, the foundation ranges for darker skinned women were very limited. This is changing, but more brands need to take a leaf out of the one’s you mentioned. I am sure between Alison Young who does champion darker shades and compliment the darker beauties modelling, now Annaliese and yourself, the ranges in shade will continue to grow. I will now tell my girls there are now people looking like them representing!👌🏾😃
    Best wishes for your new career!!!!

  11. Hi Ophelia Really pleased you have joined QVC You are a breath of fresh air Keep up the good work xxxxx

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