Winter warmth and beautiful fashion

Hi all,

I hope my blog finds you well.

How is it December already?! Feels like only yesterday that I started at QVC and that was July! It’s freezing so I hope you’re managing to keep warm. I don’t like the cold at all, but do I like winter fashion and Christmas time.

Wow, Black Friday was a crazy time and so many offers that I hope you managed to take advantage of and get some great deals. I’m a real fan of Cozee Home and I’m always cold, so I’ve just purchased my second four-piece bedding collection. I literally don’t know how I slept on that rough stuff before, ha ha, but maybe that’s why I didn’t sleep very well in the past.

I was delighted to snuggle up with the Faux Fur Heated Throw with nine settings (item number 815576) on a show with Debra Leigh. It was just lovely and soft on my skin and if I weren’t presenting, I 100% could have dozed off to sleep, it was that cosy and warm.

I love jumpsuits, but used to be a bit scared of some prints and usually stuck with block colours, but that’s changing! Underneath the gorgeous throw in the photo, I’m wearing the Monsoon Carter jersey print jumpsuit (item number 190132). A lot of you messaged me and asked about it and were so nice. I hope you were able to get it! No zip, no buttons, just a cool drawstring with an elasticated waist.

Another lovely no fuss jumpsuit, literally slip in it and go is from Kim & Co, the Paisley Brazil Jersey 3/4 sleeve jumpsuit (item number 156442). Honestly, I wasn’t sure if it would work for me, the shade and the print, but it did, and I rocked it with confidence! I loved wearing it, it’s so easy and comfortable. Kim’s jumpsuits fit so well, I’ve seen women of different shapes and sizes wear a Kim & Co jumpsuit and it flatters them all. The material just falls right in all the right places and is so breathable.

Before I go, my skincare journey update! It’s common knowledge that I have/had a terrible skin care regime, but I’m around experts now so there’s no excuse. I was literally taking my make-up off with soap, warm water and a flannel scrubbing away, but oh my goodness, I tried the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm (item number 207640) and with one gentle swipe so much make-up came off! No more vigorous scrubbing!

The journey continues, I’m hoping to team up with Ali Young for a masterclass, lord knows I need it, ha ha. Will keep you posted on that development.

If you would like to keep up with me until my next blog. I’m over on Instagram quite a bit @ophyliatv.

Have a lovely warm week!

Lots of love and light,



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  1. Not related, but please will QVC have an Olaplex TSV. Maybe it try me sizes. I’d really love to try it but is to expensive for me, which is a shame. Many of my friends feel the same. Please consider it . Xxx

  2. Lovely to read your blog .I especially love that you write about the merchandise on QVC and gives us , the readers , plenty of ideas . Too much info from other blogs … yawn . You are doing well .

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