Wow, an hour with Dannii Minogue, one-on-one beauty tips with Ali Young, my beauty journey has well and truly begun!

Hi all,

I hope my blog finds you well. Happy February! We’ve made it through January, it’s been a rather exciting January for me at QVC, if we ignore my struggles with long Covid.

It’s still cold and jumper season, and we have a lovely Today’s Special Value going live at 9pm, 3rd February from WynneLayers – the Soft Knit colour block two-tone 3/4 sleeve stripped sweater (item number 192217). It’s a cosy loose fit with 57% viscose, 30% polyester and 13% nylon. A timeless sweater that you could pair with pretty much anything in your wardrobe. You could really take this jumper into the springtime for those cooler evenings.

Speaking of fashion, I had my first hour presenting with Dannii Minogue! She’s so lovely and, oh my gosh, stunning. Her Petites range is incredible, and also comes in regular and great sizes 6 – 22. We featured some lovely pieces in the hour. I wore her ‘Good Vibes’ T-shirt (item number 192204) and pull-on coloured twill jeans (item number 192041). I also love the high waisted pleated skirt (item number 187991) I’m holding in the top picture, it’s gorgeous.

Another highlight of January was having a beauty one-to-one with Alison Young on a Facebook live. I needed that so badly, because my skincare regime is shocking. I was removing my make-up with just soap and water and using baby lotion on my face to the horror of literally everyone at QVC!

Ali looked at my skin with no make-up on and discussed what I needed at this stage. Ali assessed that it was all about hydrating my skin now, as I’m wearing more make-up on the shows, air con and just life drying it out, which it was starting feel. Ali prescribed stepping up to Elemis Cleansing Micellar Water (item number 216347) and some hydrating creams from Tweak’d and Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.

It was so fascinating for me to learn the basics of skincare. You can catch it on our QVC Facebook page. We will do a part two to see my progress from my baby steps in the skincare regime world and look at hair care.

If you are wanting to treat your skin to some luxury, we have a fantastic Today’s Special Value 3rd February from SBC Skincare, the Soothing Face, and Body Propolis five-piece collection (item number 245946). A real mixture of gorgeous smelling Moisturising Gels and Body Washes. The formulas are light, feel lovely on your skin and enriched with the finest natural ingredients. A great way to leave your skin feeling beautifully cleansed.

In a previous blog, I mentioned that was I excited that we have Hello Dame London Invisylash False Lash Set with Invisiglue (item number 725395), and I now have some. Below I’m wearing the same set for the 7th time! They are pretty, super reusable, lightweight and I love them.

The make-up around the lashes is the incredible Doll 10 five-piece TCE Luminous collection (item number 245945) in the shade Deep. Face, lips, eyes, cheeks sorted and you get a blusher brush, what a fabulous kit! I’m officially part of the #dollsquad.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog. I’ll be bouncing around on social media between shows until my next blog @ophyliatv on Instagram and Twitter.

Lots of love and light,



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