Blasts from the past

Hello! How’s lockdown #2 been for you? I hope you and your loved ones are continuing to stay well and keep yourselves occupied as we wait through these last couple of weeks. Over the years, we have had various themes to Friday nights and currently it seems to be takeaways and a Mario Kart tournament – the favourite of all! We have a local part-time restaurant, which ordinarily only opens on the weekend, who have diversified rather cleverly and started doing their own theme nights on a Friday too. They create a short menu that you order from and either pick it up at an allotted time or have it delivered – last week it was Mexican!

It seems so many years ago that the Wii first came into our lives and since then, I’ve had hours of fun playing Mario Kart with the children and then wistfully regaling the joys of Pac Man, which are received with a blank look of dismay… a blob eating dots while being chased by monster heads? That sounds lame Mum! Well, the time has come for me to get my revenge on the XBox, Wii, Switch and all other manner of modern day games…Which, don’t get me wrong, I love too, but there’s just something about Pac Man that you can’t beat and it’s here in the Arcade 4:1 Games Machine! 

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Talking of not being beaten, I posed absolutely no threat whatsoever to the league table we had going upstairs in the broadcast department offices! I couldn’t get beyond the first round for love nor money and it was a good job the offices are virtually empty as I’m not the quietest of game players! 🙂 It’s going to be a TSV this coming Sunday and a really fun game for the family over Christmas that takes up very little space. It just sits on any flat surface near a plug socket, so why not do a family league table? Oooh yes, I think I might do that myself – and yes, you can turn the volume down!

The other blast from the past, not so far back admittedly, is the Original Bareminerals foundation! I remember so well when we first launched it, probably around 2004/2005. Alison Keenan and I were dressing room neighbours over at our studios in Battersea and I remember opening the pot, not knowing how the minerals worked and dusting WAY too much onto my skin! It was hilarious. Suffice to say, the mineral foundation became an instant hit with us all and while the brand has grown and also diversified hugely over the years, this year we go back to the Original Foundation for our Christmas Today’s Special Value with the six-piece Clean Make-Up collection, which includes three limited editions products, the amazing Lashtopia mascara and more! It’s funny, because for the last few years I have preferred liquid foundation, it just seemed to sit on my skin better than the rest but I’ve been slowly falling out of love with it. I guess my skin is changing again (what isn’t?!!?) So, being reacquainted with the loose minerals has been a lovely surprise, giving me healthy, glowing, clean skin – which is what we want!

And one more thing…. don’t forget our “Mention Me” campaign. If you refer a friend, you both get £10 off any purchase over £25 – that could be the Bareminerals TSV for under £30! I’ve a feeling it’s going to be a busy weekend, as we’ve got so much lined up, so I hope you get to tune in and see what we have in store… I might just have another go at Pac Man!!

Take care and stay well.

Love as always,

Pipa xx

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  1. Hi pipa,
    Lovely photos of you and beely and dog! Glad you’re all well. It’s pretty exhausting, depressing and challenging with us all but just have to keep going! Enjoy your weekend x

    1. It really is isn’t it Susan? Great news about vaccinations not being too far away though, there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel – I hope you are going to have a lovely Christmas, albeit perhaps different from what we are used to. I hope you and your loved ones stay well xx

  2. Hi Pipa, I’ve just started binge listening to Inside My Wardrobe and wanted to say thanks, it really is amazing. Unashamed….well there’s loads to think about!

    1. Hi Sue – awwww thank you so much!! Unashamed I think still stands as the longest episode – I tend to keep them under an hour these days – that was nearly 2 years ago so you’ve definitely got some bingeing ahead!! I hope you continue to enjoy them, thanks for letting me know that you’re enjoying them. Much love, Pipa xx

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