Boots, glorious boots

I think my passion runs deep enough that I can devote an entire blog to boots, and I suspect I’m not alone! I love love LOVE this time of year for various reasons, one of them being, we are back in boots! Tall, short, flat, heeled, I don’t care, I love them all.

I thought I’d share with you some of the ones I’ve been wearing recently on air. The first boots that I wore as we stepped into Autumn, were Ruth Langsford’s leather ankle boots. Of course I was curious to see what she added to her collection but then when I tried them on, I was delighted at how comfortable they were/are.

I’m a 4 and a half so the 5 was absolutely perfect, the heel is high but very manageable – since my joints have started mucking me about, I really struggle in high heels for any length of time and so far these haven’t been hard work at all.

The other high boots that I’ve been loving are the Moda in Pelle Lizeth boots which are currently at a Big Deal price. Again I wear the 5 and went for the black suede. They have a very comfortable stretch panel across the back of the calf so they again make for easy wearing which we like!

I have snuck on air with my amazing orange boots from Clarks last year, currently they haven’t come back in stock but I will shout from the roof tops if they do. These boots from Dune however are back with more options this year and currently on a Feature price. This is me last year in the reptile option, also wearing the Kim & Co pleather trousers in Cognac.

Then on Wednesday night, we have a new TSV offer from Emu, going back more to their roots with a comfy desert style boot, with sheepskin all around the foot and endless comfort – you know we’re heading toward winter when the Emu boots come out don’t you? Plus, just this morning we had monsoon style rain and these ones are water resistant so whatever the weather, you can wear them and have happy, cosy, warm and dry feet.

I hope that’s tempting you ever so slightly and that you’re keeping warm and well.

Love as always

Pipa x

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  1. In your last photo showing the Emu TSV offer, please can you tell me the make and item number of the top you are wearing?
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Irene this looks like a Monsoon top – if you put Monsoon in search it should come up – think there were about 4 colours.

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