Changes, celebrations and keeping dry!

Well it’s been a hugely busy few weeks on planet Pipa! Myles has turned 16, Beely has turned 15, we’ve moved Mum into her own bungalow, which she is LOVING, she’s turning it into her own home and despite lots of back and forthing, it’s SO good to see her moving into the next phase of her independence again – she deserves it!

It has meant that I have been able to move back into my office at home and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process! I am actually trying to keep “work” stuff out and have it more as a creative space for relaxing away from the TV, doing more reading, playing the piano etc. You’ll notice my Pilates Pro Chair, which I am yet to master, but I am determined to prioritise both my reading and my fitness more in 2020 so this room is definitely enticing me already! I bought the horse picture years ago at the Olympia Horse Show, which Brian is getting framed for my birthday – I can’t wait… and spot the Erica Davies cushion… I mean, its monochrome with green, it had my name written all over it – it would have been rude not to!

Talking of celebrations, Brian and I also marked 28 years since our first date this month and to do so, we downed tools for a day and went off to Wales with Whizz, having a fabulous walk across the sand dunes toward Ogmore.

We used to come here with our collie Sam back when we were at university together and while we don’t visit that often, it always feels like such a warm welcome – despite the wind and rain! I’m guessing that has something to do with the fabulous memories.

Talking of rain, school was cancelled last week as the flooding was so bad around us. Both the River Avon and the River Stour burst their banks and we almost had to take to boats. My friends run a small retreat centre not far from us and their ground floor was totally flooded, fortunately we are up a hill so there’s a long way for water to travel to reach us but still, it’s amazing how much damage water can do in a small amount of time!

However, just as quickly as the river rose, it also dropped and 2 days later Beth and I were out and about enjoying the sunshine! I never take for granted the joy of having her in my life and just before silly season starts, I’ve been making sure to take some time to recharge my batteries as the house has been heaving for the last year and there’s not been much time between everything for breathing!

Now, on to business… just in case you haven’t heard, we have an amazing deal on the award winning Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer available at the moment, it’s a cracking price on interest-free instalment payments of under £50 – AND if you buy it, you get entered into a draw to win £2,000 of other Dyson products, which is super exciting! I have to say I’ve been blown away (sorry, I couldn’t resist!) with the change in my hair since moving across to the Dyson hairdryer, my hair is much healthier and I have way less breakage. Let’s face it, every hair counts on this side of 40 so if you’re sitting on the fence, I would really encourage you to invest in your hair health if you regularly blow dry your hair… and a good heat protector if you use other tools!

Finally, a big thank you for all of you who took part in the competition on the last blog. I wish I had one for all of you but alas, there was to be just the one winner who turned out to be Jean from Ayrshire – well done Jean!! I also had a fab giveaway on my Instagram so make sure you’re connecting with me there too as there’s always lots going on and being shared!

Have a fabulous week… next up we will be talking Christmas decorations!!!!

Love as always,

Pipa x

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  1. Hi pipa,
    Happy birthday to your two! How have they reached mid teens?! Lovely to hear your and Brian we’re away for the day. You’re a lovely couple. So glad your mum is moving upwards too. You all deserve it. So sad for your friends though who have lost their business. Dreadful. Take care x

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