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Hi, how are you? Can you believe that we have landed in June already? This year is absolutely flying by – do you know that June is named after the Roman goddess Juno, who is the goddess of marriage? They say it’s very good luck to get married in June (although I’d say marriage needs a bit more than luck, wouldn’t you?) Rose is the flower of June and how about this, June ends on the same day of the week as March, every year – ha! A font of useless information for you! Saying all that, June is also very special in the QVC calendar because for us, it is beauty month, which means even more special shows, prices and opportunities than usual when it comes to our beauty department.

All month we are celebrating British spa brand Elemis’ 30th anniversary, so you’ll see lots of shows featuring the brand, some brand new products and some special footage too – can you believe they made us choose a favourite? Personally, as a bit of a cleanser addict, I didn’t think anything that we already had could be improved on, but then I tried the brand new Pro-Collagen Cleanser – wow! It’s not so much a make-up remover, it’s more designed to be a treatment cleanser AFTER you have removed your make-up, and boy does it transform your skin, literally leaving it feeling like glass. It’s quite incredible! Being in my late 40s, I’ve found the inevitable hormone changes are starting to affect the texture of my skin, so this has come into my life not a moment too soon. By the way, everything from Elemis is available on three Easy Payments this month, if you put the code ELEM3Z into the box at checkout!!

Speaking of age, I’ve also found myself becoming wedded to the concept of protecting my skin from the sun – I’m actually asleep in this shot, Myles snuck up on me! Having a few Spanish genes has meant that I’ve always enjoyed a deep tan that comes with an olive skintone. However, I have most definitely noticed the damage building up and so with the technology behind Ultrasun and the brilliant Tan Activator, I’m sold! I have never been a fan of self-tan, but the activator actually brings out your own colour so again, I’m a convert! Like Elemis, everything from Ultrasun is on three Easy Payments if you put in the code ULTRA3Z in when you checkout.

My final conversion has been the Dyson Airwrap. If I’m honest with you, I really didn’t want to like it. I invested in the Supersonic hairdryer a couple of years ago and have been really happy with it. I then invested in the Corrale straightener earlier this year, which has saved my bacon during lockdown as I’ve been able to hide my roots by changing my parting and wearing my hair straight, hiding my hairline. So when I was asked to try the Airwrap,  I really didn’t want it to undermine the Supersonic dryer or the Corrale, but flip me it was amazing! Once I got my head around how it works and using the correct barrels, not only did I get a lovely bounce in my hair, more importantly, it has lasted for 3 days so far…and I’m still going! I’ve NEVER been able to get shape to hold in my hair!

I think getting the right tools for our hair is so important, both for the health and longevity of our locks, but also for the way we feel, because we really do feel better when we know our hair looks and feels good. It’s the ultimate anti-aging tool and you only need to buy it the once! So, if you would like to see what it does for your hair, click here to try it out, we have it on a special Today’s Special Value price and if you decide to send it back, you are totally in your rights to do so. It’s a dryer and styling tool all in one, you won’t need anything else other than any styling products that you might choose to use, for example, I used Percy & Reed Wonder Balm.

The thing is with beauty products, it’s about what finding what works for you, your hair and skin, and for your budget. I think we do quite well at ticking all the boxes by offering loads of choice, price points and the peace of mind of the Money-Back Guarantee. So, with all the treats that come with beauty month, I hope you enjoy all that you find and perhaps get to test something you’ve not had before. For example, seeing as we can’t get to Paris, why not bring some Parisian skincare into your life with Gatineau’s TSV that launches this Sunday?

Whatever it is you find, I look forward to hearing about what your beauty conversions are!

Much love to you all, I hope you continue to stay safe and stay well.

Pipa x

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  1. What is outfit pippa wearing on Saturday Dyson & Reiker presentation? Looks like a leopard print dress/jumpsuit

    1. Hi, it’s a Melissa Odabash necklace but currently not in stock – the range is lovely though with a few similar ones x

    1. Hi Lyn, it was a Joules blouse called the Elvina Navy star button front top. I know we have sold out but directly they have it on a sale price so I hope you manage to find one. Best wishes, Pipa x

  2. Hi pippa what top where you wearing just 10 minutes ago on air while you were doing the mirrors?? My Nanna really likes it! And I can’t find it anywhere

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