Making the most of January!

So, how is it going for you so far? Carrying on from my last blog, unlike most, I am a big fan of January. So, while I’ve actually had heaps of work on, I’ve also been trying to make the most of the fact that the year isn’t yet in full swing. There’s been a good mix of work, rest and play (does that make you think of a chocolate bar?) including catching up with some friends who came over from America that I’ve not seen in years!

Living on the edge of the Cotswolds means that we are in the perfect position to give our American friends a tour of some of the beautiful countryside that we are surrounded by, not to mention the historical joys of living near Shakespeare’s world. We had a ball at the Tudor Museum, dressing up and learning about life all those years ago. We walked at Broadway Tower (sort of, but it was soooo windy, we actually got as far as the tea room and went for a cream tea instead), did a brief walking tour through Oxford and saw some of the beautiful buildings there too, before putting them on the train as they head up north to other friends in Liverpool. It was a treat, particularly as we hadn’t seen each other since the children were tiny!

As you know, I’m only at QVC a couple of days each week and I spin a few other plates, one of which is my podcast, Inside My Wardrobe, that is all about marrying up the person we are on the inside with the person we are on the outside. More recently, I’ve been working on a series looking into children’s emotional development and mental health for a second podcast that I’m launching at the beginning of February called The Parenting Podcast. So last week, I met with the fabulous Michael Rosen to talk about the importance of maintaining an attitude of playfulness and not being people who just walk through life and accept it as it is given to us – all good stuff!

Speaking of taking ownership of things, we’ve been doing a series on the QVC Facebook page each Monday through January called #motivationalmonday, which is always a hoot. Definitely one to check out if you are on Facebook and don’t forget to follow me as I’m generally up to something or other!!

In the meantime, I hope you keep warm as the winter begins to kick in!

Much love as always,

Pipa xx

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  1. Happy new year pipa! Hope your Christmas was good! I love how you love January! We all need to try to embrace that! I remember seeing your face pop up at my doctors surgery once to do with parenting. Did you study psychology ever? Hope it’s a success!
    Hope you get away somewhere sunny this year after your rainy week in Ibiza last year! You deserve it! See you soon x

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