Loving my blues and greens

Ooh it’s been a bit windy out there, hasn’t it? Hands up if you’ve got a fence panel down! Our garden looked like a tornado had whistled through! Good job I’m not growing my own veg right now – handily I’m drinking lots though, thanks to our new 8Greens tablets!

You can have them as a drink, but you can also add it into your cooking, which I think is a really novel idea – I have to say we have loved them! You can literally just dissolve one into some water and add it to your cooking or drink it, entirely up to you, and it tastes great! Beely makes one up in her water bottle before going to school and drinks it through the day – it’s a great way to add in a few more nutrients!

On this occasion blues and greens work just perfectly together, don’t you think? Do you remember that phrase? Blue and green should never be seen except for something in between. It’s funny how fashion rules change with time isn’t it? This is a lovely shirt from Ghost, which while it is not in stock right now, we do have a few other beautiful pieces from them.

As for my lack of presence on screen and social media of late, I’ve been busy producing a series on children’s emotional development and mental health for The Parenting Podcast, which has kept me immensely busy as you can imagine. All five episodes are now live and I’m chuffed to bits with them, if you are a parent with children under 20-years-old, I highly recommend having a listen as the guests were dropping pearls of wisdom left, right and centre – you can pick up the links via social media, it’s @thePpodcast on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Off now to host The Morning Show with the lovely Claire!

Look forward to catching up soon – find me on social media, here are my TwitterInstagram and Facebook links

Much love as always

Pipa x

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  1. Hi Pipa,
    Congratulations on your production of your children’s series! A really worthwhile cause. How is your mum by the way? Talking of health. Hope she is ok. You’ve had a busy time of it.
    Take care x

  2. Hi Pips,

    Anything you can recommend for tiredness or having longer than 3-4 hours sleep, I wake up every night between 2-4am…zzz.

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