Pucker up

Having had our mouths behind masks for such a long time, we are giving them a treat this week with some beautiful lip balms and colour. We loved the Beekman 1802 Today’s Special Value, which had 3 gorgeous lip balms in it, and hot on its tail we have a stunning collection of lip colours from Doll 10. The crayons are super smooth, you can barely feel the colour on your lips, which is rich in pigment and super hydrating too.

Following my last blog about planning and getting back into the routine of September, we are now up and running and it’s all about A Levels at home! Can you remember when these two were little babies? They are both now sixth formers and at least 5 inches taller than me, which at least means no one steals my clothes any longer! (can you spot my gorgeous patio table and chairs behind them?)

Brian and I managed to sneak off to Barcelona just before term started for his 50th. As we had to cancel the original plan, I took him to one of his favourite cities for a couple of days and what a treat it was. The city was quieter than usual, until Saturday evening, at which point we retreated to our apartment. We were impressed though, most people still wore masks, even outside, and always inside, so there was definitely still an air of caution about. My turn next year – I can’t decide how I want to celebrate, but I hope that all Covid-related restrictions will be behind us by then. We can but hope right? …and wash our hands… and take our tests… and keep a safe distance! 🙂

The nights are closing in though already, aren’t they? I took this shot last week as I left the QVC studios, it was just a snap for my Instagram stories, but the colours were beautiful. I reckon it’s about time to light the Harry Slatkin or Yankee candles and start to cosy on up to the fireplace… (yes, it’s a Michael Buble lyric, and yes, we are already listening to Christmas music!!)

Bring it on!!

Much love as always,

Pipa xx

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  1. Love the photo of QVC Glad you managed to get away to Barcelona. It’s a big birthday for mr next month, I will be 60. My colleagues are taking me out to a posh local hotel for afternoon tea so that will be nice. Take care

  2. Hi pipa,
    Happy birthday to Brian and that’s lovely you got to go away! I think a lot of places are still much more sensible and cautious than the UK. I wonder what the winter will bring but I heard that the army are having to help out the Scottish ambulance service and from hospitals it doesn’t look great.
    QVC buildings look lovely though. What a great place to work in and for.
    Your two look so grown up now and very smart. Hope your mum is ok x

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