Pure genius – again!

Hello! So Easter came and went, and while I’m slowly making my way through the chocolate, I received another treat this week – lucky me!

A huge parcel arrived on my doorstep yesterday and inside was the brand new Dyson Purifier Hot and Cool. It really is a case of having your cake and eating it, as it purifies the air while keeping you at a comfortable temperature, either warming you up, or cooling you down. It even analyses your air quality! I’ve been using it through the house already and it’s perfect for our unpredictable weather. It launches this Sunday on QVC, before anyone else in the UK gets to see it, so make sure you get in early if you’re interested in giving it a go.

This morning I’ve had it in the kitchen, as it was particularly nippy when I went down early to feed the dog and get some work done while everyone sleeps… ah, the joys of the teenage years! Whizz was rather intrigued when we first plugged it in but as you can see, he has quickly become happy to share his space, even with his favourite pineapple.

Last night, Brian and I watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to read the books but I’ve finally started making my way through the trilogy. He suggested the movie after I’d read the first book and I wasn’t sure I wanted to trample over my imagined characters and surroundings but they all fit just fine… and the thermostat didn’t go on because we were plenty warm enough thanks to our new friend in the room.

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It comes with a remote control, which allows you to control the temperature, the amount of oscillation (which is a whopping 350°), plus, you can flip the airflow so it comes out the other side and put it on a timer.

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Or, you can do these things through the App, which ALSO allows you to look at the breakdown of your air quality. It’s fascinating, you can see levels of humidity, particles in the air caused by candles or smoke, pollen, cleaning products or emissions from cooking plus gas and formaldehyde from glue and paint. It gives a thorough audit of what you’re breathing in.

So, like I said, it’s launching on Sunday ahead of everyone else in the UK, so at the time of writing there’s no link to give you but if you click here, it will take you to the Dyson page and on Sunday, it will appear! Happy days! I’m off to the garden centre with Brian now… it’s the extent of lockdown date locations other than walks and supermarkets. I’m SO looking forward to next week, Oxford city centre, we’ve missed you!

Much love as always,

Pipa x

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3 Responses

  1. Hello Pipa,
    As an animal lover I have a horror of all varieties of lily because they are poisonous. If the ones in your first photo are still in your home please throw them away, even the water is toxic.
    Thank you, Jo

  2. Enjoy reading your QVC blogs. The brand-new Dyson Purifier Hot and Cool will do wonders for inside your home.

  3. Hi pipa,
    Just had to say how beautiful your home looks. I’d expect nothing less of you anyway! It looks amazing. I love the dog’s toy too! I can’t understand how anyone can afford to part with that much money for a fan though especially when pennies are soo precious! I’m not sure I’d want to be paranoid about what I’m breathing either?!
    Hope you enjoyed your garden trip x

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