Bright things for 2020

There is so much to look forward to as we head into a new year and a new decade. Things have been busy at the Q and I have been busy at home!

The first few weeks at QVC towers were a bit hectic as many of my colleagues, as I’m sure many of yours have too, were struck down by the ‘six week cough’ lurgy. Very difficult to get rid of and particularly troublesome for those who have to talk live of air for a living. I’m glad to say that most of us are back to full strength bar poor Kathy, my Morning Show pal, who is still struggling to kick it. Get well soon Kathy!

I have been chatting to some of our regular guests, such as Keeley, about our upcoming special offers. She told me about a Big Deal this week and I have to say it sounded super, so I have been trying things out. Have a look at our chat online to find out more. I also found out that this is her 20th year of being our very special Elemis guest. I must think of a way to mark the occasion (watch out for what I come up with).

I have also been trying out the Ecoegg Today’s Special Value launching Wednesday 22nd Jan. They specialise in bringing us really effective solutions to our household chores but without using harsh chemicals. I have always been pretty impressed with their offerings and love it when our Ecoegg guest, Danielle, creates a terrible mess, only to clean things up moments later. Stain removing has always been a wonderful bit of TV theatre but I was interested to see if their twin pack of instant stain remover really was instant and worked!

I already had my Kochblume cloths from the recent TSV, so I was all ready. Having two cats, two dogs and two kids, I wasn’t exactly short of problems to try it on! You can use it on upholstery, clothes, and carpets to name but a few and I started with carpets.

We chose a neutral coloured beige carpet that’s a 70:30 wool mix – it has been long-lasting and put up with a lot.

There were a few stains from furniture (and other things that probably shouldn’t be mentioned) that I have tried to get rid of and have found it impossible, so I was a little sceptical of my chances of success. However as you can see from the pictures the results were pretty impressive.

The one that got me the most was on a towel that we use to dry the dogs. There was a bad stain that hasn’t been shifted by countless washing at hot temperatures. Not sure where it came from (could have been ink or shoe polish). I sprayed it from both sides and then worked it in with my finger before washing at a hot temp with the normal washing ball. Well, I couldn’t believe it when the stain was gone when the towel came out of the wash…. it was truly amazing!

Join me, Danielle and the team on Wednesday if you would like to see more demonstrations and place your order. There’s loads more in store…

Happy New Year!

Simon x


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