Happy New Year!

Simon Biagi holding Ecoegg Fresher For Longer discs

Well, let’s hope it will be!

I do hope you managed to have a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas and perhaps even had some good cheer during the Hogmanay celebrations. I had my family with me and that made this alright for me. I am hoping that 2022 brings me a big helping of normality in the old sense of the word so that I can see more guests in person at work, plan some holidays and parties, so my son gets at least some face-to-face lectures at university and the overall sense of fear disappears. Fingers crossed.

Of course, we have lots of things planned at the Q with our traditional start to the year involving a bit of fitness and New Year New You, as well as may other surprising and welcome introductions. One of these introductions is the Dr Harris eye mask.

Model wearing Dr Harris eye mask in bed

I had the pleasure of finding out about this from the very experienced and lovely Alice Hart-Davis via a video call. It’s a very, very special mask that has been designed by Dr Harris to help people get better sleep. Although it’s a simple concept it has involved a lot of very clever and detailed research and is probably one of the first of its kind.

Dr. Harris had his eureka moment on a long-haul flight from London to Toronto. He was feeling particularly stressed during the journey and, after being handed a sleep mask, he was trying to stop himself from frowning while wearing it. He realised that if only the mask could stop him from frowning and could help him to relax, he would be able to sleep better and stop wrinkles from forming at the same time.

Now, after six years in the making, we’re delighted to finally bring you the Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask – a world-first anti-ageing sleep mask. It’s clinically proven. It’s patented. And it’s powerful. It’s made from luxurious silk too. In a clinical trial, users saw wrinkles visibly decrease with just 15 minutes of use.

Ecoegg Fresher For Longer disc in a fridge filled with fruit and veg

I also have tried, and have done in the past, a special offer coming from Ecoegg. They have these stay fresher for longer fridge discs which absorb the ethylene gas that degrading fruits and veg give off. I learned all about this as I was looking into the information of the TSV that will be with all day on Thursday 6th January.

The thing is, if you let that gas build it’s like a tsunami and the fruit or veg decomposition rate increases. The science always intrigues me as do the demos that Danielle shows in the studio. I’m looking forward to those.

We have a great offer on some supplements, that you know I’m always a keen proponent of. These ones come from the lovely, and very experienced, multi-award-winning hair dresser and trichologist, Guy Parsons. We have a great offer with 9 months supply (which we’ve never seen before) and for those people who want to give their hair the best chance this year (and for years to come) I do think that shampoos can only offer a limited amount of improvement.

These supplements have been designed to help with thinning hair that lacks strength and volume. There is a carefully concocted recipe with collagen, iron, copper, biotin, B vitamins, zinc and hyaluronic acid to ensure that you hair won’t be the last one in the queue for essential nutrients and therefore miss out. It will be on at an amazing price for a week or so at the very beginning of January.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as QVC will be bringing an every changing selection of great deals. I hope you will be joining us throughout the year and whatever life throws at you, let’s all make the most of it!

Happy new year

Simon xx

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