It’s been a busy few weeks!

There’s been lots going on at the Q the past few weeks, but that’s not surprising. I have really enjoyed meeting up and working with our guests. They bring so much information and add the spark to what we do at the Q.

I found out all about our forthcoming big deal from Le Creuset  from Ali Haigh. She is a fabulous chef and really knows her cookwear. We have a two-pan set as a Big Deal and when I heard about it from Ali, I was sorely tempted.

They are sturdy aluminium and with a special non-stick recipe Le Creuset have cooked up, and they are pretty indestructible.The pans are suitable for all hobs and in the oven, or even under the grill. They will be at a special price and as they have a lifetime warranty I think they are well worth a look.

Abi Cleeve told me all about her big deal from Ultrasun. It’s a Sports SPF 30 set, which is one of my favourites as they are so easy to apply and great for hairy legs. Once again an amazing price and their tried-and-tested formula is what I always rely on.

I also spent a little while with the founder and creator of Neom (Nicola) when she told me about her Big Deal which includes three of her natural aromatherapy candles. The price was amazing as one candle normally costs £32 and you three in the set for a price that even Nichola couldn’t believe. You know, she puts 18ml of essential oils in each candle (that’s like two of those essential oils bottles you buy in the health food shop). No wonder they smell amazing. With natural vegetable oils and cotton wicks, I think they may be the purest candles in the land.

We had a lovely visit from Dawn Russel who had her 8Greens Big Deal. A lot of us tasted  it and were very convinced about the whole idea, so we signed up for the Auto Delivery. It’s good stuff and we are all looking forward to having 8Greens a day… that taste yummy!

I have also been busy at home getting my herbaceous border sorted out… finally. I bought some plants before Christmas but it’s been so wet I just haven’t been able to get to it.

As things have started to shoot, I thought I’d better get cracking so changed it from this to this. I hope it grows well and it was a lot of hard digging.

My Radbot radiator valves from QVC turned up and they were fitted in a few minutes and I am learning how well they work. I can feel they way that they adjust to the way the room is used and I am convinced that they will pay for themselves in about four to five months…… and help me reduce my carbon footprint.

We also have some exciting special offers on Easy Payments to look out for over the next few weeks: if you use the code LEAP4Z you’ll get four interest-free payments on selected items featuring in the Leap Year promotion online (from 24th Feb to 4th March). Later on if you use the code ALL4Z  (from 28th Feb at 9pm to the 29th Feb at 23.59) you can enjoy four interest-free instalments on anything (check for full details). So if you have some purchases in mind, this will really help to spread the cost!

Never a dull moment and still loads in store. Catch you soon!

Simon x


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