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It was a busy but lovely week at the Q with so many special Festive Finds our heads have been spinning. We’ve had money off, reduced P&P, vouchers, discounts and our normal Today’s Special Value prices and Big Deals……. and that’s just the half of it!

There’s much more planned and so many fabulous Christmas special offers, I reckon we’ve got it all wrapped up!

One of the great new offerings from our jewellery department is our range of personalised jewellery. I know Kathy, Catherine Claire and the rest of the gang have all chosen something and because of the personalisation service, they have had some very lovely messages engraved on their pieces.

I went rather traditional and got myself some sterling silver cufflinks with a simple S and a B engraved on them and I must say the pair are classic, simple and very effective. I love ‘em.

I have been rather spoiled of late as I was asked if I wanted to try some other cufflinks designed by Adrian Buckley. I though these ones were rather beautiful. Polished steel with a jet black centre but the surrounding frame looks like there are little screws holding things together. It’s a striking design and very classy. I think I must be the only chap at the Q that still wears cufflinks… does that mean I’m getting on a bit?!

Of course as we are past mid-October now we have a great range of poppies in stock so that people can show their support for the Royal British Legion fund and Poppsycotland and by buying something from the range, you will be contributing to this worthwhile charity.

I always love Adrian Buckley’s pieces but we have many contributors this year and some really lovely offerings. I chose this one for 2019 but I will still be putting a few pounds in the collection pots at the supermarket and on the high street. Do help this very worthwhile cause raise some of the millions that they need to help support the servicemen and women that depend on them.

We had some smashing guests join us this week and I have to shout out to Rylan Clarke-Neal who brought us the first TSV from Luxenoa. He really is a very charming and lovely guy who is unbelievably tall, especially standing next to Jill Franks, and his TSV was amazing! I had never smelt any of his candles and was well impressed as to how classy and impactful they were.

He gives the range his all and I have to say I adore his lamps and shades and think they are amazing value. Check out a few offerings here and welcome Rylan back soon.

I proudly wore my Scotland rugby shirt on air from the Joules range, but I feared it might be a time limited love affair and unfortunately was right! Still, I’m now rooting for the other home nations to do well and whoever wins I am going to enjoy some great rugby from the comfort of my sofa, instead of the muddy touch line which I’m more familiar with.

With all the Christmas trees at the Q I have started to think about our family’s festive plans.

We won’t be away as I have to work but we aim to have some good festive fare at home. As my wife is Norwegian, we have a tradition of having the Norwegian Christmas dinner on the 24th, the day they celebrate, and then the British turkey dinner on the 25th. I am always back at work on the 26th and as we don’t have any visitors to help us eat the mountain of food that we prepare, the family have suggested that we do just one big meal and not overindulge too much. The question is should it be Norwegian or British?  The part of Norway, where my wife hails from, feast on slow-roasted pork belly, with special sausages and Christmas meatballs and I have to say we love it.

However, we also love the opportunity to have a roast turkey which we only ever do at Christmas so I am in a quandary!  How to decide?  Flip a coin…..

Of course we are well stocked up in the QVC larder and I have been particularly impressed with a range of snacks from Howdah. Delightfully different and very authentic but be warned they are rather moreish! I will definitely be ordering some of Lance’s smoked salmon as it really is the best I have ever tried. I used to work in a salmon smoke house in Dumfries, when I was a student, and they supplied M&S and Fortnam & Masons, but their salmon wasn’t a patch on Lance’s beautifully light and flavoursome carved slices… mmmmm!

If the local supermarkets offering leaves you a bit underwhelmed then do have a butchers (pardon the pun) at what we have on offer!

Simon x

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  1. Slow roasted belly pork or boring turkey, no question for me !!!! Must have a drop
    of Norwegian blood in my Lancastrian veins.
    Whatever you choose I hope you all enjoy & thanks for working at Christmas.

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