May the fourth be with you

We saw Star Wars day, which always makes me giggle, but it does herald the start of summer for me. The frosts we saw earlier in the month have gone and it’s allowed me to plant out some wonderful geraniums from Richard Jackson that were delivered towards the end of April. The grass is green, the hedges have been clipped and it’s all grown!

May is a busy month at the Q but it started out with a bitter sweet day on the 6th. That was the last day for my long time Morning show friend Kathy Tayler, as she has retired. Kathy had been with QVC for 21 years and for the past 10 years or so, we have presented the morning show together. I will miss her sage words of wisdom early in the morning and although we won’t be working together anymore, we will keep in touch for coffee, outdoor swims and dinners.

Kathy will be missing some of Mays’ hot offers like the supersize Ultrasun supersize Body Tan Activator  and the Sunbelievable gardening pick of the month from Thompson & Morgan. I guess she will be watching from home from now on!

The pop up swimming pool will be going up next week and I have been asked to help out with the Diabetes UK Swim 22 Miles campaign this year. This is such a pleasure and I will tell you more about that next week, but suffice to say I’ll be wearing a beautiful bathing cap a lot of the time this summer!
Speak soon

Simon x

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  1. Hi Simon
    What a lovely blog and with reference to dear Kathy who all be so sorely missed by us customer friends.You’re chat with her and Olley was so moving, I cried when you wobbled a bit. Think we all felt it!! Been a customer for 17 years so feel like part of QVC family..

    Like you say you’ll be blessed to still see her.. She s amazing, coming through covid with such zeal.. An inspiration she is. As are you. !!

    I too am diabetic, 50 years this year. I was diagnosed at 16 whilst doing I levels at school.. I wanted to fo!low a path in Baking and Confectionery but the specialists said I couldn’t do that because of the sugar. I was gutted, but went in another direction, funny how your life pans out.!! I went on to have 3 children and work in a bank, formed a charity and saved a manor house from demolition in my community to become a community facility.

    I then got a rare cancer but 17 years on I’m recovered from that and again went to work in the community supporting families.

    Also, I bake for my family, even if I don’t eat them!!!

    Well, I m thrilled to hear you’re doing a run for Diabetes UK.. I can’t do a run but I will make a donation for sure. I ‘ll be watching your progress.. I wish you all the best for your swim, you’re amazing. It takes some doing.. Keep plenty of wine gums handy!!! They work for me…

    All the best Simon and please say Hi to Kathy from me when you next see her.

    I have a photo of her we had taken at a QVC fashion event in London some years ago.. We were wearing QVC head to toe. Kathy in Ronnie Nicole black and red dress and I had Nina Leonard cream and floral dress.( I’ve still got it.. QVC fashion lasts!!)

    Well, bye for now and catch up soon!!

    Take care, God bless

    Christine x

  2. Dear Simon, Saw you this morning a little worse for wear with having pulled a muscle in your back, but the ‘blooper’ with Katy was a howler, that’s how I always thing of Richard the Third. Hope it comes up It’ll be alright on the night in the future.

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