Old dogs and cold first aiders

Simon Biagi in the gym

What a week it’s been!  It seems as though every time I switch on the TV there is something quite amazing to see on the news. It’s a good job QVC is keeping the calm consistency going and I’ve been keeping up the workouts down the local gym, so my body doesn’t seize up this winter!

I had a nice weekend off and enjoyed watching my daughter training at rugby. Luckily there were no injuries as I’m now responsible for their first aid – poor wee things! I have been out for some brisk walks in the frost with the dogs but standing on the sidelines with sub zero temperatures makes me glad that I paused my outdoor swimming until March. Fingers crossed for an early and warm spring.

Simon Biagi’s dogs walking one another

Find out more about Simon and his pals – https://stories.qvcuk.com/author/simon-biagi/

Actually some of the walks have to be a little less brisk than usual as my old boy, Jamie, is really beginning to show his age. He’s nearly 15 and although he scoffs his food every night, only has one eye ( and the other is pretty blind) and is as deaf as post, he still loves a walk. Now, though, he paces himself and spends a while longer than before at the interesting smells. He’s a good ol boy but both my dogs were wont to run and run and run off quite often. It was interesting when we attached the lead from one to the other, how the young one, Toby, slowed right down to Jamie’s speed. Bless! The animals all seem to be snuggled down for the winter months and are clearly under great stress in our house (as this picture of Toby and Ruby, one of our cats, taking advantage of some Cozee Home demonstrates!)

Cat and dog asleep on a blanket

Last week I really enjoyed getting back to normal at work. Now that Christmas shows are gone for a while and the sales are over, it was good to get back to morning and lunchtime shows and Morning Style is back with Katy Pullinger, so it feels good to get into the groove again.

Morning Show with Katy Pullinger

There are some great Big Deals around at the moment with my favourite being from Dr Seaweed. I take his weed & wonderful seaweed every day and I find it really helps with keeping my energy levels normal – great special offer for a week or so if you check out the web.

Now that things are back to normal, I’ll be back soon with news of what’s coming up.

Simon x


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