There’s loads in store!

There’s always a bit of excited anticipation at the start of the new month! The clocks go forward, the evenings are lighter, and there’s lots in store at QVC.

One of the things that has caught my eye will be on special offer on Thursday the 1st of April, and it comes from a fabulous company called Auraglow. They are based in the UK and are family owned and run.

Everything that I’ve seen from their product line-up has been absolutely tremendous. When I was told about their Today’s Special Value I must admit at first I was a little puzzled as to what it would look like and how it would work but now I have got my hands on a set, it’s perfectly clear that they are complete winners! (The product number will be 521135).

I’m sure all of us have our own ways of charging our mobile phones and many of us will do that as we sleep at night, but this provides the perfect solution. A wireless phone charger together with a nightlight in a very sleek and minimalist unit, plus you get a pair – that’s one for each of the bedside tables. What makes them so lovely is Auraglow’s design, they seem to really make things so well and so beautifully that they would be welcome in any home.

The lamp has a variety of functions: its rechargeable using the wireless charger, touch controlled with dimming, plus its removable and even magnetic so you can attach it to convenient metal surfaces. It also has a Touch Charge system where you slide the light over the charge section during the day and swap with your phone at night.

The lamp emits a cosy warm white halo glow perfect for a nightlight. The charger works with any Qi wireless charging device or smartphone and provides up to 10 watts of fast-charging power and the light only uses about half a watt, so lasts for ages.

I have found it particularly useful because I have recently been given a flash glucose monitoring system for my diabetes, whereby a sensor monitors my blood glucose all the time and sends the readings to my phone. This system is clever because if my blood sugar goes too high or too low in the night, it sets off an alarm and wakes me up so I can do something about it.

Of course, it means I have to have my phone beside me at night and this set provides the perfect system. There’s even a little touch sensitive light so that if I do need to check things, I’ve got everything I need without having to wake up my wife.

The offer is only going to be around for one day, but we have some smashers for the whole month. One that I know will be popular and certainly something I would recommend you look at is from Philosophy.

Philosophy are first and foremost a skincare company (I know you love their fragrances!) and their cleansers are highly regarded. Purity is a very aptly named formula as it works to really cleanse your face and leaves it feeling SO hydrated.

We have a bit of a special deal going soon with over a litre of the cleanser in a big and small bottle at an amazing price. Check it out here (the produce number will be 243166).

Our beauty pick of the month is from Ultrasun and is a mega size of Abi Cleeve’s wonderful anti-pigmentation and anti-ageing face cream that just so happens to have an SPF of 50+ formulated for all-day protection. It’s a game changer and if you’ve tried it before then snap up the big size because it’s amazing value (but only during April – if stocks last that long! (The product number will be 240989).

For the garden lovers out there, we have a fabulous gardening pick of the month in the form of the Kensington Solar Light. I’ve been enjoying mine all the way through the winter, but this one in particular has three heads and as you know, three heads are better than one!

It has a planter at the bottom and as it’s by Luxform. Its quality knocks most of the competitors out of the park. Catch it throughout the month but the quicker you order yours the quicker you can start enjoying it. I’ve popped a picture of mine up (even though it’s quite different from April’s pick of the month) as it’s looks so lovely.

It was a great pleasure to have been able to present a few hours with Richard Jackson and the gardening gang when we raised money for the Greenfingers charity who build gardens for kids in hospices. Each of our vendors donated £1.50 for every order they received, and we’re all delighted to be able to do a little to help. Hopefully we can continue to assist Greenfingers in the wonderful work they do. The picture of Richard and I is from a time when we didn’t have to social distance!

We had thousands of orders and we exceeded our target of £25,000, which was great. Thanks to all of of you who ordered on the day, the Greenfingers charity will be receiving just under £29,000 from the vendors of the day. Many thanks to everyone.

I keep saying that QVC has loads in store and it’s never been truer! It looks like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel in regard to some of the lockdown rules, so let’s make it a fabulous spring and get out there and have some fun – safely of course!



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