Outfit ideas for winter walks

Ah, winter. It often creeps up on us doesn’t it? One minute you’re exclaiming over autumn leaves and the next your whole world seems to be covered in frost and you’re suddenly on the hunt for your warmest woolly hat. Although it can feel like a shock, there’s a lot to love about winter. Cosy nights in by the fire, homes illuminated by Christmas lights and of course, crisp winter walks!

Whether you’re a keen hiker or prefer a brisk nip out to your local coffee shop and back, walking in winter can be a magical time, and one thing you do need to get right is what you wear. There’s the age old saying ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather – only the wrong clothes’ and we think this is never truer than when dressing for a blustery winter’s day in the UK.

Never fear though, we’ve got you covered from head to toe with our cold-weather essentials and have put together some outfit ideas to help you stay snug on all your winter walks.


Out in the elements with your dog?

Daily exercise for your dog doesn’t stop come winter but our collection of weather-ready coats, jackets and boots mean you can enjoy their walks almost as much as they do! Even if it’s not pouring when you first venture out, a water-resistant coat is often a good idea in case of any unexpected showers and we love the many stylish options Joules bring. Wear something like this floral one over a chunky jumper and leggings, finishing the look with a practical pair of boots like this Trego Alpine pair from Skechers.


Enjoying the Christmas lights with family?

From the incredible light installations that go up in villages, towns and cities every year to the twinkling decorations that illuminate neighbourhoods, lights sparkle everywhere over the festive season. If you’re planning a family outing to see them, make sure to wrap up warm so you can stand and gaze at them for as long as you like. This means layers, layers, layers and don’t forget a hat and gloves! We adore this sequin Muk Luks set which will have you bringing your own sparkle to the night.


Meeting a friend for a cuppa in the park?

Going for a catch up and a cup of something warm and comforting is a wonderful way to spend a winter morning or afternoon. Meeting your bestie means you’ll likely want to dress up your walking outfit (while staying toasty!), so we recommend a glamorous faux fur coat like this Centigrade one teamed with a smart pair of boots. You’ll look instantly chic so get ready for the complements!


Wrapping up for the winter commute?

Okay, this is one walk you might not love but we’re here to help make it better. Our biggest tip is to make sure you’ve got everything you need to stay warm but depending on how long your commute is, there’s also a chance you’ll warm up suddenly so a few different layers you can easily take off are ideal. Try wearing a lightweight cardigan or jumper over a top and under your coat, which you can also fit into your bag should you need to shed it.


Taking a wander around your garden?

You don’t have to go far for a walk, getting out into your own outdoor space whether it be a garden or balcony can be enough for the mind and body – even if only for five minutes. It also means you can stay in your cosiest loungewear so we’re all for it! Simply pop on a cardigan for extra warmth, slip into a snuggly pair of slippers like these chunky mule-style ones from Moda in Pelle, and breathe in the crisp winter air.


Feeling inspired to head out for a walk? Find everything you need to keep you snug and stylish in our winter collection.