A day in the life: styling the new presenters

Hold onto your hangers, it’s fashion o’ clock!

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A couple of weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of spending a whole afternoon with our two new lovely presenters, Ophelia Dennis and Annaliese Dayes, all in the name of fashion.

But before we were able to kick off this behind-the-scenes fashion show, I had to get myself ready. A lot of prep work goes into planning the wardrobe sessions I do with our presenters. Firstly, I need to make sure I do my research so I have a clear understanding of what ‘my client’ is after and to get an idea of their overall style vibe.

My work as Talent Stylist here at QVC is very much a presenter/stylist partnership – did you know the presenters used to dress themselves? I came on the scene last year just as the pandemic hit so started out by doing video calls with each presenter to get to know their fashion likes/dislikes, favourite QVC brands and all that jazz.

Luckily, restrictions have since been lifted so it felt like a real luxury being able to do my initial wardrobe sessions with our two new leading ladies in person! Ophelia told me her style muse is Beyoncé, whereas Annaliese is mainly inspired by street style. So I tried to apply this knowledge when working on their looks. I’m a very visual person and like to convey my ideas with moodboards, which I put together based on my research and the catch-ups we will have had beforehand.

Extract from Ophelia’s mood board

When working on Ophelia’s looks, I focused on colour, print and texture as these were all areas she was keen to explore. Black being her go-to colour for outfits off-telly, she wanted to try something new and different. As a stylist, this is always a dream to hear as I know nothing better than going on a journey of self-discovery with my clients. Keeping an open mind is key when delving into unfamiliar territory – that’s where I come in to offer support and guidance. As you’ll see from the images below, we had a lot of fun trying on the different outfits combinations!

Rose Rock

Jeans by WULI:LUU by Gok Wan. Biker jacket by Rino & Pelle. Vest top by Dannii Minogue. Sandals by Mitarotonda.

Strong Sophistication

T-shirt by WULI:LUU by Gok Wan. Pencil skirt by Ruth Langsford. Boots by Dune.

Garden Party Chic

Dress by Phase Eight. Belt by Kim & Co. Sandals by Clarks.

Extract from Annaliese’s mood board

When working on Annaliese’s looks, I was able to apply my knowledge from having worked together on the Love Your Style campaign for QVC earlier this year. We immediately hit it off and found our groove – I know Annaliese lives for her fashion and I love how confident she is when working a look! The sky is the limit when it comes to colour combinations and trying new trends keeps inspiring me to go bolder and brighter with her outfits. This is such a fun fashion challenge… watch this space!

Tropical Tendencies

Blazer by Ruth Langsford. Vest top by Kim & Co. Trousers by Attitudes by Renee. Sandals by Moda in Pelle.

Pink/Lilac Dream

Biker jacket by Helene Berman. Vest top by WULI:LUU by Gok Wan. Culottes by Kim & Co. Shoes by Vionic.

Funky Florals

Dress by Helene Berman. Belt by Kim & Co. Trainers by Skechers.

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Your trusted stylist, Stine x