August Fashion Event

What’s happening at QVC? Check the latest fashion launch with Skechers Apparel.

How are we all doing? Whatever you’re up to this month, I sure hope you’ve weather proofed your wardrobe. August has been wet, wet, wet! Looks like sunshine is on the horizon though, a very welcome surprise, n’est-ce pas?

Now that I’ve gotten the current weather/state-of-mind status out of the way, it’s time to talk fashion… you guessed it! We have a two-day fashion event coming up this Friday 20th and Saturday 21st August, so I thought I’d tease some of the key lines featured.

I was joined by QVC Presenters (and dressing roomies, would you believe!) Chloe Everton (@chloeeverton1) and Debbie Flint (@debbieflinttv) for this edit. Chloe will tell you she hates having her picture taken, though I think she smashed it! Debbie is just a natural and rocked her looks too.

We all had a blast taking pictures around the QVC studios as well as in the newly re-vamped guest quarters (you may have spotted the lovely living wall backdrop on the occasional social media post these past couple of weeks).

Hope you enjoy the looks and that you can join us for two days jam-packed with accessories, fashion and footwear, featuring special offers from QVC favourites Moda in Pelle and Ruth Langsford, as well as new additions to the ever-growing fashion catalogue with Masai Copenhagen and Finery London.

Jumper by Ruth Langsford. Jeans by Phase Eight. Boots by Dune.

Biker by Ruth Langsford (Today’s Special Value on 21st August). T-shirt by Ruth Langsford. Trainers by Moda in Pelle. Jeans, belt and jewellery are Chloe’s own.

Kimono by MarlaWynne. Vest top by WynneLayers. Faux leather trim ponte trousers by Ruth Langsford. Slingback sandals by Moda in Pelle. Bag by Radley. Necklace by Frank Usher.

Jumper by Ruth Langsford. Boots by Moda in Pelle (Today’s Special Value on 20th August). Bag by Amanda Wakeley. Necklace by Bronzo Italia. Necklace by Bronzo Italia. Watch by Diamonique. Jeans are Debbie’s own.

Friday’s Today’s Special Value by Moda in Pelle is the Katreena Crystal Ankle Boot, seen here in the gorgeous Mink option.

Saturday’s Today’s Special Value by Ruth Langsford is the Croc Embossed Faux Leather Biker Jacket, seen here in the ever-versatile Chocolate option.

If you’d like to keep up with all the latest in Presenter style, my QVC fashion picks and behind-the-scenes action, you can also find me over on Instagram.

Your trusted stylist, Stine x