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Hello! I’m Stine – pronounced Steena – (@stinestylistqvc on Instagram) and I’m the new Presenter Stylist here at QVC, aka, the new girl in the class. Well… not quite. I’ve been working as a stylist in fashion and television since moving to London eight years ago and have actually been with QVC for over three years now! During this time, I’ve styled our lovely models for countless fashion shows, in addition to working on various fashion shoots for the TV and the web. You may have caught a glimpse of my latest contribution, as I styled the 2020 Spring Fashion campaign. With a background in personal styling and a life-long obsession with trends, I’ll be going behind the scenes of our bustling studios with the wonderful presenters here at the Q. Oh, and in case you’re wondering where my name is from, it’s Danish… very common where I’m from, believe it or not! What’s coming up at QVCSummer Fashion In celebration of our 48-hour high summer fashion event this coming Friday and Saturday (and my first Stories post, of course!), I’ve had the pleasure of curating four themed looks for two of our fab presenters – Katy (@katypullinger) and Alex (@alexkramertv). I hope you’ll join me on this fashion mini-break. Fasten your seat belts and get ready for take-off… Look one – le shirt c’est chic For Katy’s first look, I went for a contemporary, cool vibe with carefully selected pieces to create an effortless yet sophisticated silhouette. The key item for this look is the WynneLayers curved hem tunic shirt, which is a true wardrobe hero, perfect for dressing up your favourite pair of jeans or trousers. For a day of working from home or a socially-distanced coffee with a friend, I’ve gone for the Phase Eight Luna linen crop trousers. The whole outfit is tied together beautifully with the must-have Helene Berman double-breasted check blazer. For those perfect finishing touches, I’ve gone for these Sam Edelman Loraine Kenya leather loafers (hot new brand alert!), the Radley Foster Lane small zip top cross-body bag and for jewellery I’ve used the Escape by Melissa Odabash hoop earrings, Butler & Wilson pearl and chain two-row necklace and the Lola Rose Nikki Loves Kim semi-precious bracelet. Look two – back to the 70’s For Katy’s second look, I went back in time (to the 70’s, to be more precise!) with this dreamy Ronni Nicole sleeveless button front shirt dress, which will be so easy to wear at any occasion this summer. I’ve dressed it down for a picnic in the park with this Ruth Langsford twill jacket, Lulu Guinness  Cassidy straw basket and the Escape by Melissa Odabash hoop earrings again – this time I’ve opted for the silver option to complement the silver hardware of the jacket. To finish this look, I’d suggest the fabulous Lulu Guinness Lupin suede heeled espadrilles! Look one – suit ‘n’ shorts For Alex’s first look, I went for a chic daytime ‘nothing but neutrals’ vibe by layering this uber-versatile WynneLayers over-sized blazer over a Ruth Langsford Essentials vest and the Joules Cruise longer length chino shorts. With such a streamlined outfit, you only need a few statement pieces to complete the look. I’ve gone for these Frank Usher resin link earrings, this Radley Asher Way medium open top crook bag, and let’s not forget the Moda in Pelle Larya slingback shoes. The overall effect is played-down, yet dramatic. All you need now is a cocktail in your hand and your favourite record on! Look two – sophisticated safari For Alex’s second look, I went for a classic Kim & Co Brazil Jersey short sleeve jumpsuit in a fun yet timeless print, dressed up for a socially-distanced barbeque with friends, perhaps? To add texture and a touch of glamour, I’ve completed the look by styling with easy-to-wear metallic accessories: the Frank Usher disc collar necklace, a Butler & Wilson woven textured tote bag and the Moda in Pelle Riviera Block Sandals. Now, who’s ready for a G&T? Hope you’ve enjoyed this fashionable mini-break with me (and perhaps treated yourself to something nice?) What pieces will you be wearing this summer? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll be back with more of our presenter team to share my current go-to looks, sneak peaks from well-known names and a look behind the scenes. Plus, I’ll be catching up with some familiar faces to find out all the gossip about their fashion favourites. If you have any burning styling questions or outfits you’d like to see, I’d love to hear from you! Can’t wait to get your hands on more presenter style? Head over to my Instagram where you’ll find even more fashion inspo. Take care and stay safe out there. Your trusted stylist, Stine x

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  1. Hello Stine. I hope you enjoy your role at QVCuk. I also hope you will ensure the models wear trousers at an appropriate length for their height and shoe style. So often on QVC, the poor models are made to wear palazzo trousers with heels and it can look ridiculous if the trouser is too short. My 79 year old Mum says she wouldn’t buy clothes that are modelled that way. I’m no fashionista but I know what look ridiculous. Here’s hoping to bring QVCuk into this century x

    1. Hi Alison, great to hear you and your mum are both into your fashion! It’s all about personality and feeling confident in your own skin at the end of the day. Luckily, provides leg measurements on all trousers to help you get the perfect length which should be an added help when shopping with us. Stine x

    2. Couldn’t help noticing your comment about hem length, which traditionally would look ridiculous. However that HAS BEEN the fashion in London for about the last 4 or so years.

      So it is actually US who need to be dragged into the 21st century!!! 🙂

      No room for dated Michele Hope (I still live in the 70s) fashion in her sea of man made fabrics!!!

  2. Please more hi-lo hems, or shark bite anything and totally agree with the comment above,,bring fashion up to date using sustainable fabrics, There are far too many over-priced polyester garments.

    And returns on shoes should be free.

    Enjoy your new role.

    1. Hi Pauline, thanks for getting in touch! Sustainability is definitely something we value here at QVC. Monsoon is a great example of a high-street brand that offers chic fashion in high-quality, natural fibre fabrics. Seasalt is another native brand that doesn’t compromise on quality nor sustainability. Stine x

  3. Hi Stine, I’m just watching Qvc on the tv (16) footwear outlet & the presenter has a Lovely long pleated red pattern(chain) dress on. Please can you tell Me where it’s from? Which designer? It’s 11.20am & it’s Wed 17th June,2020. TIA x

    1. Hi Isabel, I’ve inquired about your request regarding what guest presenter Miranda Holder was wearing during yesterday’s 11:00 Footwear Outlet show and will hopefully have an answer for you soon. In the meantime, I’d suggest reaching out to Customer Service as that’s usually the quickest way to get a reply. Hope this helps. Stine x

  4. Hi Stine, Hope you enjoy your new role. You have some good clothing brands on QVC, but you also have some very frumpy styles and fabrics by some designers and look like something from a market stall. I agree with the other comments about high low hems and shark bite hems I am sick of seeing them. Love the looks you have put together for Katie and Alex.

    1. Hi Alison, glad you enjoyed the looks I put together for Katie and Alex. Keep an eye out for similar content in the coming weeks as I’ve a new project up my sleeve… Stine x

  5. Hi Stine, great read and love the looks you’ve styled for Katy and Alex. Please can you use your influence with buyers to get more longer length items? On the rare occasion they are included they seem to sell out quickly so obviously there is demand. And sometimes even so-called longer lengths really aren’t long enough. I’m 5’11 and 3XL and really struggle to find items that are long enough – at least 30″ inside leg for trousers and 50″ minimum for dresses (preferably 52″+ as my legs are nothing to write home about!). And could we please have more palazzo trousers in natural fabrics – I’m a Marla Wynne addict but her trousers are almost always too slim on the thighs for me. Thanks! L

    1. Hi Liz, thanks for getting in touch! Lovely to hear you enjoyed these looks on Katy and Alex. I will certainly bring your feedback forward to the fashion buyers, we always strive to bring new exciting fashion to celebrate all styles and body shapes. Stine x

  6. Hi the looks are gorgeous and I look forward to seeing your outfits soon. I am only 5 2″ and alot of the designers make the blouses and jumpers so long that I’m unable to buy them. Why don’t they do a petite range

    1. Hi Mandy, thanks for joining this ride with me! I will certainly make sure your feedback gets through to our fabulous fashion buyers as we want our amazing range of brands to be accessible to everyone. Petite ranges are definitely on our radar and I’m sure more brands are looking to expand in this direction. Stine x

  7. Totally agree with the comments about shark bite ,hanky and hi lo hems.
    There is really only a small handful of the fashion at QVC that interest me lately it has got boring.I am hoping that there will be more new and exciting fashion designers to come including reasonable priced footwear the ones on at the present time are so expensive I know they are big names but I cannot justify paying those prices.

  8. Hi, i cant imagine how id dress if i did’nt have QVC, it has helped me enormously over the years with style ideas……BUT it’s becoming nearly impossible to get trousers/jeans for my shape .Classic problem for post menopausal women , i now have very slim thighs , no bum “boo hoo” but have grown a rather large tumm also “boohoo” to that. so i’m now a petite apple shape which is oh so awkward to dress without looking mumsey/old womanly . Any & all ideas would be very welcome esp for trouser with a waist measurement to match the hip measurement or have a VERY stretchy waist band. thanks for years & years of fashion pleasure, yours Annie.

  9. Hi Stine and welcome to QVC! I am a petite (5’2″) size 4-6 woman who would like to agree with the comment above – please please please can QVC bring more petite ranges!!

  10. Hi there. I’m looking forward to see some new and exciting fashion.
    I think Ruth Langsford has brought great fashion to QVC, but perhaps it’s time to retire some of the ranges that have definitely grown tired.

  11. Hi Stine, welcome!! Please can we see presenters looking stylish sometimes I think they’ve got dressed in the dark! Puts me off watching the show or they look like they’re wearing same outfit with a small tweak. They are the shop window!
    Also can we have more from companies like Together and Seasalt to go up to a size 26-28 as a norm and not stop at a size 22 please?
    Thank you

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