Discover beauty joy this June!

This month, discover our spectacular Hello Summer Beauty event, packed full of fresh beauty deals, brand launches and so much more to dive into! And boy, have we got a lot in store for you. There’s no P&P to pay on all beauty Today’s Special Values and Big Deals in June, plus there’s a wow-worthy beauty deal to take advantage of (worth over £175!) when you buy just two beauty items during the month – check that out here.

As well as this, we’ve got some exciting new make-up and skincare launches every week, so you can keep making discoveries throughout the month. In true QVC fashion, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite picks from our Hello Summer Beauty event, which we think encapsulate all the joy the season can bring. From refreshing aromatics to special SPF, we’ve got plenty to put some pep into your step this summer!

Nail your look
It just wouldn’t be a new season without a marvellous mani! Freshen up those fingertips with Orly’s Great Escape Collection, filled with six Nail Lacquer shades that sing of summer. Think juicy reds and oranges, stand-out yellows and blues worthy of an ocean – perfect for grabbing the attention of anyone who passes you by. Perfect for your nail art ventures or for introducing a pop of colour to your summer looks, this Nail Lacquer wardrobe is all you need to give your beauty routine a vibrant twist!

A hair superhero
In an impressive supersize and with no P&P to pay, this haircare miracle is super in more ways than one! Moremo’s Water Treatment Miracle 10 is specially formulated to help revive the look of dry, over-processed or brittle hair, and it’s infused with three types of natural keratin and 17 amino acids.

Working to revitalise the look of your locks by delivering deep hydration, this intensive formula will help to leave your locks with beautiful body and shine. The best part? All you have to do is leave it on for 10 seconds after your usual wash, so it will effortlessly slot into your routine. Now that’s what we call a miracle!

Turn your face to the sun
At the start of summer, it’s good to have SPF to hand – we’re all aware of its unrivalled benefits, not just for maintaining your skin’s beauty, but also for protecting it from harmful rays. But we get it, it doesn’t always feel great on the skin, so invest in a formula that does – Ultrasun’s Anti-Pigmentation Face Fluid SPF 50+. It’s just different from many other sun creams out there – forget the greasiness, the stickiness, the clogged pores… this lightweight fluid glides onto your complexion to help deliver optimum protection from UVA, UVB and Infrared-A rays, as well as blue light; plus it works to deliver plenty of hydration to your skin, so you can use it as a daily moisturiser, too. No wonder it’s loved by so many worldwide, and once you try it, we’re pretty sure you’ll be joining them.

Heavenly scent
Flood your home in the scent of summer with Neom’s Wellbeing POD Luxe! Perfect for spritzing a dose of delightful fragrance into any room or large space, it comes with two supersize essential oil blends so you can switch up your scent as often as you like, making it ideal for creating a summery ambience when your guests come round, or if you just want to sit back and unwind.

It even boasts a clever remote control so you can experience Neom’s beautiful essential oils at the touch of a button.

A marvellous makeover
We don’t need to sing you Estee Lauder’s praises, so we’ll just say that this edit takes the crown when it comes to revamping your whole beauty routine. This seven-piece collection features a cleanser, Face & Neck Creme, skin concentrate, Advanced Night Repair for face and for eye, plus mascara and lipstick, freshening up your whole skincare and make-up ritual for the new season. You’ll hardly want to use anything else this summer!

Your shower shake-up
This summer, get ready to smell like a bed of roses with this triple dose of Molton Brown’s sumptuous Rose Dunes Bath & Shower Gel. Showcasing the versatile bath and shower formula we all know and love, this gorgeous gel boasts a blooming mirage of golden saffron, rich cassis, velvety rose and geranium, and earthy patchouli, mingling together to create your signature scent for the summer. It’ll look stunning next to your bath or shower too, what with its swirling shimmer – just the thing for adding a touch of luxury to your daily routine.

Ready to dive into beauty joy this June? Discover these brilliant beauty buys plus so much more in our event, and don’t forget to check out our mesmerising Tili offer when you buy two or more beauty items this month!