Incredible skincare ingredients for your routine

In our books, skincare is only as good as the ingredients in it, which is why we’re focusing on what it’s made of in our brand new series on-air! Showcasing hero ingredients like retinol, collagen, vitamin C and more, each week we’ll be taking you through the stuff that makes our favourite skincare fabulous, so we thought we’d give you a little taster of what’s to come…

Known by many as a wonder ingredient, retinol pretty much does it all – it can help smooth out the appearance of fine lines, even the look of skin tone, give your complexion a gorgeous glow and so much more. The thing we love most about this ingredient? Everyone can benefit from it, no matter what their skin type!

That’s why we love this dynamic duo from Murad, which will boost any complexion with the power of retinol, providing day-to-night care that will slot seamlessly into your existing routine. There’s a serum for the day and a night cream for the evening, each formula infused with retinol, so you can really try it out to see what it does for your skin! Just remember to add SPF to your routine to protect your skin from sun exposure, and you’re good to glow!

Renowned for its bounce-boosting properties, collagen has been a buzzword in the beauty industry for years and shows no signs of slowing down. Hydrating, smoothing and oh-so-versatile, it’s in everything from face creams to daily supplements, and boasts benefits for your skin’s tone, texture and radiance.

And what better to celebrate this incredible ingredient than Elemis‘ renowned Pro-Collagen range? This duo boasts Pro-Collagen Night Cream and Superfood Midnight Facial that will work together to quench your skin overnight and leave it looking radiant by morning – just in time for that sunrise!

Vitamin C
Speaking of sun, we dare you to find a skincare ingredient sunnier than Vitamin C! Sure to give your complexion a brightening boost, this is one ingredient you’ll want to have in your skincare stash whatever the weather.

Amp up your whole skincare routine with this four-piece collection dedicated to this radiant ingredient, courtesy of Perricone. Complete with moisturisers for day and night, as well as serum and eye cream, it boasts everything you need to reveal your skin’s radiance throughout your whole skincare ritual.

Glycolic Acid
For amazing exfoliating benefits, look no further than glycolic acid. Also known as an AHA, it’s an ingredient that works to slough away dead skin cells and leave your complexion looking brighter and more even, as well as warding away pesky blemishes that can be caused by flaking skin. It doesn’t have to be harsh either – depending on the concentration, glycolic acid-infused skincare can be used every day to get your glow on and help you feel skin confident.

Alpha-H‘s lauded Liquid Gold range is ideal for harnessing the power of glycolic acid and discovering your skin’s luminosity. This three-piece collection will bring a bit of bottled brilliance to your regimen with iconic Liquid Gold treatment, an all-in-one toner, exfoliator, serum and moisturiser, as well as Golden Haze Face Oil and Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream to target every inch of your complexion with glycolic acid goodness.

Just think of this wonder ingredient as your skin’s personal shield! Ceramide is the perfect preventative against environmental stressors as well as moisture loss, making it a silent hero in skincare that you’ll want in your arsenal!

This trio from Skinsense makes ceramide the star of the show, with a day cream, treatment mask and eye cream that are each designed to deliver hydrating, radiance-enhancing benefits to every inch of your complexion. The ideal starter set to find out if ceramide works for you, this collection is just the thing to slot into your skincare regimen.

Where would we be without it? Whether you’re stepping out into a hot summer’s day or you just want to prevent fine lines from forming, SPF is an essential in your skincare routine. But not all SPF is created equal – if you want to avoid the notorious stickiness SPF has a bad rep for, look no further than our selection.

Ultrasun is legendary for its luxurious, non-greasy formulas that feel good on the complexion without compromising on protection against UVA rays, which is why its facial formulas are loved by so many. This supersize duo of Anti-Pigmentation formulas boasts an impressive SPF 50+ and both clear and tinted formulas, specially formulated for your face, so you can enjoy incredible protection for a long time.

Ready to put these wonder ingredients into your skincare recipe? Tune into our weekly show to find out about these fabulous formulations, plus discover them and much more right here at QVC.