Andi Peters’ Food Favourites

Food might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to QVC, but it’s safe to say that when you have a browse through our virtual store cupboard, you won’t want to leave empty-handed! We select the most delicious meats, cheeses, biscuits and sweets to surprise and delight you and your loved ones, and ensure that you’ll definitely be coming back for seconds!

Andi Peters’ Food Fest is a beloved staple on air at QVC, and to celebrate our fabulous food Today’s Special Value from Easiyo, we got chatting to the man himself about his food favourites, from childhood to the present day.

We all know you love food from watching you and Dale talk about it on Food Fest, but what’s inspired that passion for you?
I’ve always loved food… I loved cooking alongside my mum. The other thing that drew me to food at a young age was the market and all fresh ingredients.

Agreed Andi, there’s just something about seeing all the delights laid out in front of you that’s guaranteed to get the tummies rumbling, one of the reasons we love tuning in to Food Fest! Talking about cooking with your mum, do you have a favourite food memory?
This has to be the first time I had sushi in Japan. Having had it loads in the UK, it was such a treat to see the craftsmanship that goes into serving raw fish of the highest standard and to enjoy it in Japan just took the whole experience to a different level.

Wow, we can imagine! Lots of people have been practicing their sushi skills at home during lockdown. It’s been a great opportunity to get the creative juices flowing when it comes to cookery. What’s been your favourite dish to make at home?
I’ve mastered various scone recipes and also found an addiction to garlic egg fried rice. Obviously, I make a mean Banana Cake!

Ah, the famous lockdown banana bread! So what’s been your kitchen essentials while you’ve been rustling up these fab dishes? 
I always have soy sauce in the house because it can be used in so many ways. The other essential is a good chutney… I always make sure I have at least one Cottage Delight jar open.

Yum! So are you more of a sweet or savoury kind of guy Andi? Is it cheese and biscuits or something a little sweeter when it comes to teatime? 
Scones, without question. I love a salmon sandwich, but pass me a scone any day!

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