Cocooning at home

Here at QVC, we love winter for so many reasons, and none more than that warming feeling of wrapping up indoors while the weather’s less-than-lovely! There are so many ways to capture that cosy atmosphere in your home, but with just a few small touches, it’s easy to create a snuggly sanctuary to take you from the first frosts right through to the early glimpses of spring.

Your super-soft living space
When it comes to cosy, it’s all about the soft fabrics you surround yourself with, and we think you can’t get better than Cozee Home‘s lauded fabric, Velvetsoft. It’s loved by so many for a reason, with a velvety sheen that’s luxuriously silky to touch, but with a mid-length pile that you can sink your fingers into.

We absolutely love this filled throw, which is basically a duvet for your sofa! The filling makes it a sumptuous upgrade to a regular throw, so it’s ideal for layering over your bed for added warmth on really chilly nights, or for cuddling up with in your living room when a jumper just won’t do. It also has a luxe quilted finish, which will give your bed that ‘hotel at home’ look you’ll love.

Or, you could go for slightly lighter soft layers that you can wrap up in quickly and easily whenever the temperature takes a turn, like this set of three Velvetsoft throws in different prints and textures. They’re great for tossing over sofas or chairs, and because there’s three, there’ll be no fighting over your favourite blanket again! And of course, if you really want, wrapping up in all three’s always an option (we’re not judging!).

Hit the lights
Is there anything cosier than lighting a few candles? Well, maybe ones that capture the scent of winter perfectly, like this duo of candles from Harry Slatkin, in the fragrances Cosy Knit Blanket, White Birch or Crackling Fireside. Yes, the names speak for themselves, but the glow they give off is unparalleled when you’re cocooning up for the evening with a nice cup of tea, plus the fragrances will fill the room with a scent that’s so on-season.

Or, if you love the classic flicker of candles without the fuss of flames (or the dripping wax!), these LED candles from Bundleberry by Amanda Holden give you that beautiful glow at the flick of a switch. We love their streamlined, modern glass jars that will update your decor in seconds, plus they’re remote controlled, so you can set the mood from the comfort of your sofa without having to unravel from your blanket cocoon!

When it comes to creating a cosy atmosphere, there’s almost nothing more magical than fairy lights. These pretty little things from Home Reflections can dress your home in countless ways, but we love them strung over your mantelpiece or stuffed into glass jars for that warm and fuzzy feeling, bottled!

And so to bed…
Since you spend about eight hours in it, it just makes sense to kit your bed out in snuggly fabrics you can’t help but sink into on a cold night. Enter this gorgeous Velvetsoft four-piece duvet set, either in a pretty dappled dot pattern or classic stripes. It feels luxurious against your skin as you sleep, while giving you that extra warmth you need when the temperature drops. We warn you though, it might be tough getting out of bed in the morning when you’re wrapped up in this!

And what would your bed be without that extra ‘just-in-case’ layer you can quickly grab to cocoon up in? This reversible throw from Cozee Home has the benefit of two fabrics in one, with their luxe Velvetsoft fabric on one side and plush Sherpa on the other, so you can choose which one suits you. It’ll also make your bed that bit more irresistible when it comes to your night time routine!

The finishing touch…
Well, we couldn’t finish without giving hot chocolate a mention! We all love a cup on a cold weekend afternoon, but because it’s meant to be a real treat, don’t settle for the powder stuff… these Cocoba Hot Chocolate Bombs will hit the spot, and they’re so much fun to melt into hot milk. Just pop one in and watch it melt away to reveal oodles of mini marshmallows. It’ll take your cocooning to a whole new level!

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