Wrap up in softness – Cozee Home’s AW21 collection is here!

We’re no stranger to Cozee Home’s sumptuous fabrics at QVC, which most agree have to be felt to be believed, but did you know that the brand reaches far beyond their iconic blankets and throws, offering loungewear, bedding, toys for the kids and even items for your four-legged friend? With the launch of Cozee Home‘s AW21 collection, there’s so much more to explore, so we sat down with brand ambassador Debra Leigh to talk all things Cozee, including what’s new, her personal favourites, and how the range can fit into our tried-and-tested home comforts.

Hi Debra! Cozee Home is a bit of a legend here at QVC, but for those of us who may be newer to the brand, can you give us a bit of an idea about the different ranges Cozee Home has to offer to make our homes sumptuously soft?

Cozee preparation is well underway for AW21, with loads of snuggly goodies in store to get us through the transition from autumn to winter in supreme comfort and style. We are building on our Cozee Family, so it’s now a combination of Cozee Home with favourites like fleece and Velvetsoft bedding, throws, wraps and bedspreads, Cozee Kids, with our new arrivals Bailey the dog and Baxter the fox in a variety of forms, from long hot water bottles (hotties!) to a toy that turns into a hoodie – it is sooo unbelievably cute!!

And of course, Cozee wouldn’t be Cozee without our well-loved pet range Cozee Paws, which is becoming a bit of a go-to for innovative pet beds, some of which use advanced technology like Odourology treated fabric, which helps to remove odour-producing bacteria, thereby reducing pet smells. This, together with moisture wicking, aims to help keep your pets in supreme comfort.

What can we expect from Cozee Home AW21? Any new exciting additions to the collection?

We have been really busy behind the scenes developing new techniques to bring innovative design styling to fleece and Velvetsoft bedding. This comes in the form of embossing fabric, like our incredible Ultrasonic bedding, where the designs seem almost carved into the fabric, and heat-sealed foils that add a bit of sparkle and shine to our Christmas designs, with current trends like geometric patterns incorporated into them.

We are also keen to expand our colour range for customer favourites, like the faux mink and fleece set, which has almost iconic status as a Cozee statement piece – it was the first set that we combined fleece with the velvety fabric, and having two different sensory feels and looks just appealed to many of us – it’s consistently received five-star reviews and is much loved in the Cozee family.

We all know that our four-legged friends deserve to be pampered too, so what should we look out for in the AW21 collection to get their tails wagging?

Gift sets are a new offering, such as the scarf and bone set – a soft squeaky bone, perfect for helping to train your dog in retrieval skills, and a neckerchief style scarf to match, in a choice of spot print colours. All in a velvety fabric, so it’s soft to the touch! I’d also recommend checking out the huge range of pet beds in the range too.

Loungewear has got to be at its most popular after the year we’ve had, so if we fancy a bit of a change when it comes to comfy clothing, what does Cozee Home have to offer?

We really do have some treats in store! I’ve just been looking ahead at our latest designs for pyjamas and loving the coffee cups design! We’ve also been developing some new techniques and fabrics – like our premium Velvetsoft embossed pyjamas with a choice of star or heart designs in gorgeous shades of green, pink, blue, grey or navy. We’ve even added stretch to them to make them even more comfy to wear around the house. You seriously will never want to get dressed in the mornings! I’ve also added the new longer length Velvetsoft hoodie to my Christmas wish list already.

For us, Cozee loungewear pieces offer you the fabrics and quality that are always paramount in Cozee Home. We’ve all been buying a lot more online and you never know how the fabric is going to look and feel when you receive it, but with Cozee Home pieces, you are guaranteed to feel secure, cosy, comfortable and really wrapped up in a piece that instantly relaxes and comforts you.


Cozee Home has everything we need to take us from our beds to snuggling on the sofa or even round the fire pit in the garden. Layer a cape over your clothes when the chilly evenings are drawing in, pop a lounger on over your pyjamas whilst you make that first cup of tea or when you get in from a rainy walk, have the comfiest pyjamas on stand-by for those lazy Sunday mornings or snuggle up in a dressing gown with a film in the evening. There is a piece for every cosy situation!

As the little ones are finally getting back into a reliable routine, how can Cozee Home fit into the frantic bedtime routine to get them snuggling down and ready for sleep?

Wait until you see our new dino and unicorn throws – just keep them out in the light in the day and they will glow in the dark at night-time – I only wish I was still little to experience it myself!

Over the past year, what have been some home comforts you’ve relied on to make your space one you want to spend time in?

Definitely our Velvetsoft Supreme throw, which is coming back with added shades – it’s been my favourite to gift to friends too, as it’s ribbon wrapped and ready to go. I also just cannot live without the heated throws when it gets really chilly (we’ve even colour matched the control panel this year, so it’s looking really chic). With working from home being in focus, I have to admit I have been really enjoying product testing our selection of back support pillows that come in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit our needs. I’m a firm believer in looking after our posture, and spending time at home working has drawn our attention to upgrading our comfort when sitting for long periods of time.

We don’t like to put anyone on the spot, but… if you HAD to choose, what are your personal favourites from the new collection?

Ooh that’s the trickiest question you’ve asked me, but it’s probably a close call between the Geo Foil Duvet Set and the Ultra fluffy three-piece Duvet Set – perfect indulgence on a cold night with a long fibred faux fur in great shades like Silver Grey, Ivory, Charcoal and Blush. In fact, I might just have to book my duvet day early this year…

If you’re ready to sink into softness this season, discover the whole Cozee Home AW21 collection here.