Eco cleaning to help you love the planet

All of us want to do our best when it comes to being more eco-friendly around the house, but we know that the busy day-to-day routine can really get in the way, especially if being eco means household jobs taking longer! Luckily, we’ve got some cleaning, washing and even bin-lining alternatives that are kinder to our planet without compromising on efficiency, so it’s a win for you and a win for the world!

Make the surfaces sparkle

Finding an effective cleaning solution that’s quick and easy but helps kill germs in a flash is at the top of everyone’s list, especially at the moment. Enter Ecoegg‘s Orange Oil Cleaner & Degreaser Concentrate, which not only boasts the cleaning efficiency you need but also the naturally sourced ingredients you want, making it kinder to sensitive skin and to our sensitive planet. Trust us, as soon as you try this (and catch a waft of its delightful citrus scent!) you’ll never want to go back.

At the moment, this set is one of our Big Deals, making it even better value for money – but hurry, it won’t be at that price for long!

Clean those clothes

You might associate the words ‘plant-based’ and ‘biodegradable’ with compromised performance, but Ecozone‘s Soap Nuts Natural Laundry Detergent might just change your mind. They’re little, pocket-sized balls that really pack a punch on dirty clothes, both whites and colours, all the while being gentle on delicate skin and allergy sufferers.

We think the best thing about these Soap Nuts is that they provide up to an impressive 660 washes, meaning they’re not only great for the planet but also for your purse! They’re just as easy to pop in the wash as your regular chemical detergent – just take a handful, put them in the little zipped bag provided and throw them into the machine, and they’ll clean your clothes at low temperatures, as well as leaving them smelling nice!

It’s worth noting that all of Ecozone‘s products are vegan, cruelty free and safe for aquatic life, and many of their products are also Allergy UK approved (including this one!), so nobody loses when you use their range!

Bin it!

For any eco-conscious person, bin liners are a big concern with a seemingly impossible solution, as they’re a necessity that many of us just can’t do without. It’s a good thing that Ecozone have come up with a way to tackle the problem head-on with their Biodegradable Bin Liners, which are not only far better for the planet but boast an extra strong design that won’t break easily. This set comes with 80 bags and holds an impressive 60L of rubbish in total, so they’re ideal for making an easy, eco-friendly switch to lower your non-degradable plastic consumption without compromising on quality. Goodbye guilt!

Get those machines squeaky clean

It’s difficult to imagine non-chemical Washing Machine and Dishwasher Cleaners being tough enough to blitz through built-up limescale and detergent, but these non-toxic formulas from Ecozone do just that. Only one tablet, once a month ensures that two of the most-used cleaning machines in your home are properly cared for and squeaky clean, inside and out, without leaving chemical residue in them that could potentially irritate skin.

They’ll also help to combat unpleasant odours and prolong the life of your machines, working to save you some money and help save the planet, as you’re less likely to have to fork out for expensive extra parts or even a new machine altogether!

By making these simple switches in your home, you’ll be taking a step towards protecting our planet, as well as sensitive skin and allergy sufferers! They’re so easy to swap out with your usual chemical-based, non-biodegradable products, so why not give eco a try and see how great going green can be? Check out our full range of Ecozone products here.