Love your home: ways to make it a space that works for you

Over the past year, our homes have become the place where it all happens. Bedrooms have been turned into offices, living rooms have transformed into schools, and with so many areas becoming multi-functional spaces, relaxing at the end of a long day can be a real challenge.

We know how hard it can be to draw a clear line between work and well-deserved downtime, so whatever relaxing means to you and your bubble, we’re here to provide some inspiration to help you create a space that transitions seamlessly from work to play. If you show your home some love, it will love you back!

Your comfort station
The perfect way to really cosy up your designated relaxation area is with soft furnishings like throws and comfy cushions, but if you don’t have the space to keep an area free from office or school work, these things can just as easily be tucked away during working hours and quickly taken out to snuggle up in once the day is done.

For a home movie night or for the kids to cosy down in after school, we love this luxuriously soft throw from Cozee Home. You can fold it neatly on the back of the sofa when you’re not using it to give your decor a sophisticated finish, but it’s also perfect for wrapping up in front of the TV.

Another winner that’s sure to bring an added layer of comfort and style to your space is this extra-large, gorgeously fluffy cushion from Cozee Home. It’s great for softy supporting your back if you’re having a laze on the sofa, but we also love holding them too if we’re missing cuddles (don’t judge us!)

Let in the light
Lighting is a fantastic way to bring warmth and positivity into a room, especially when the evenings are drawing in earlier. You can do this with lanterns like these ones from Alison Cork to introduce an inviting sparkle into your bedroom or living room, or with candles, which have the added benefit of a beautiful scent whenever you light them. Both offer a relaxing, laid-back vibe that sets an immediate ambience of ‘calm’ into your home after a long day of work or school, encouraging you to switch off and unwind.

Conversely, if you’re looking to amp up the fun, lighting can also be used by bringing in bright colours and designs that make a playful statement. This Neon Word Lamp from BundleBerry by Amanda Holden will transform any room into a fun space for relaxing in or enjoying family time.

Sophisticated storage
Nothing cleanses the mind after a busy day more than clearing the clutter off the floors, tables and desks, whatever that might be – work documents, clothes, children’s toys, stationary – so investing in quality storage that looks beautiful too will help you put your busy day out of sight, out of mind.

BundleBerry’s iconic trunks are an all-purpose favourite for tidying up quickly, as their non-fussy design allows you to throw anything in from shoes to magazines, plus they look so gorgeous that you’ll not only mind them being seen – you’ll want to put them on display. They come in a spectrum of different colours and there’s even a Velvet Touch option if you want that luxurious feel in your bedroom or living area.

If you prefer something more discreet and equally beautiful, investing in storage solutions that double up as furniture can be the perfect way to go. This clever velvet storage stool from Alison Cork exudes the elegance of a bygone era in its design and it effortlessly opens up to keep almost anything neatly tucked away.

For generous storage that doesn’t compromise the beauty of your bedroom, an ottoman sits right at the end of your bed for easy access to clothes, delicates, bedsheets and even books. It opens up seamlessly to put everything into it once the day is done, and when its closed, it can be used as a seat – perfect if you’re pushed for space. These two beauties from K by Kelly Hoppen and Alison Cork offer the sophisticated storage you deserve, whatever your style of decor.

Freshen up
Plants offer a lush, natural feel to any room and can really pull together your decor to add a sense of professionalism to the place. They’re a great way of distinguishing a home office from the rest of the house, so you feel like you’ve entered a refreshing, inspiring space as soon as you step into it.

If the thought of having to water real plants stresses you out, the perfect solution is realistic faux plants that look as good as the real thing and can be left alone on your desk (except for the occasional dusting, maybe!)

These gorgeous faux succulents from Bundleberry by Amanda Holden look as good as the real thing and offer a sleek finishing touch to any space. You can dot them around your home or arrange them together for a pared back, contemporary display. Just the thing to bring some life into your space without the hassle!

Mirror, mirror
Mirrors can expand the look of a space to alleviate that ‘closed in’ feeling small rooms can get and promote a calmer ambience, but you don’t have to opt for plain designs to open up the look of your home. We love this stylish wall mirror from JM by Julien Macdoland for its fun, high-fashion feel that will bring an optimistic finish to any living area or bathroom, all the while making it feel like you’ve got a bit more space to breathe after a long day of being indoors.
For a more natural style, K by Kelly Hoppen‘s bamboo-framed circular mirror offers that fresh, open feeling you might be looking for, inviting a bit of zen into your busy household.

The power of mirrors doesn’t have to stop at hanging them on the wall, either. Little touches go a long way to expanding the feel of your room, such as these head-turning trinket boxes from JM by Julien Macdonald or this extra fun lamp from Bundleberry by Amanda Holden. They’ll also give any room a thoroughly modern twist, which is bound to freshen up even the darkest of spaces.

If you’ve been inspired to transform your home into a transitional space that works for you, head over to our Love Your Home event to discover even more ways to reignite some passion for your place.