Refresh your bedroom for the new year

Your bedroom should feel like your sanctuary, but with Christmas been and gone, we wouldn’t hold it against you if it’s looking a little bit worse for wear! A brand new year is the perfect excuse to give it that all-important refresh you deserve, so whether you’re ready for a full-on bedroom makeover or you just fancy sprucing up your decor, we’ve gathered some room-transforming pieces to really give it a revamp!

The right foundations
Let’s start with the star of the show… your bed! You spend a huge portion of your life in it, so take it from us, your bed is the one thing you don’t want to skimp out on. If you invest in the best quality you can get, you’ll reap the rewards, and potentially save your back from a lot of aches and pains, so have a look at whether your mattress (and your bed with it!) could do with an upgrade.

With 2022 nearly here, the answer might well be yes – why not go for a mattress from the makers who have been in the business for over 100 years? Yep, we’re talking about Sealy, and it’s impressive Elite Gel 1400 Springs Deep Pillowtop Mattress. Sink into a sumptuous Geltex Comfort layer, on top of a new-and-improved Posturetech spring system that makes it more responsive and durable for orthopaedically correct support across your whole body.

It also boasts a Deep Pillowtop design for optimum comfort as you sleep, as well as Edgeguard technology that offers edge-to-edge support, eliminating that annoying ‘roll out’ sensation. And if you’re an allergy sufferer, you don’t need to worry – the Smart Fibres it’s made from are endorsed by Allergy UK, helping you get a naturally hygienic, temperature-regulated sleep night after night.

While you’re at it, why not opt for the bed that will fit complement it perfectly? Not only is this divan specially designed to fit the mattress, but it offers fabulous space-saving storage underneath to tuck your spare bedding away neatly. Plus, just look at it – it’ll update your bedroom in moments, offering a streamlined, modern silhouette to set off any style of decor perfectly.

It’s the New Year treat you and your body need that you’ll be thanking yourself for in years to come. You might just be amazed by the price at the moment, too!

Make the most of it

We’re all about finding new ways to use your room to its full advantage, whether it’s discovering a new way to relax or making the most of its space. When it comes to putting your feet up, there’s no better (or more luxurious!) way to do it than with this elegant footstool from My Home Stories, clad in beautiful velvet. The gold-tipped legs give it a premium finish that will give your bedroom a renewed look in moments, plus you can choose the colour that best complements your decor, whether that’s a sophisticated neutral tone or a bright pop of colour.

If you’re finding that your bedroom’s lacking some surfaces to keep your jewellery box, beauty essentials or before-bedtime book on, you don’t have to choose between style or substance with this eye-catching side table from designer legend Julien Macdonald. This one’s a real showstopper, clad in mirrored panels that will help to enhance the size of your room, all the while remaining compact enough to tuck into a corner.

Very few of us have room for a walk-in wardrobe (can you imagine!?), but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have that kind of confidence every time you get dressed. With this stunning wall mirror from Julien Macdonald, you can be sure that you look fabulous from top to toe, giving you that walk-in-wardrobe feeling when you take a turn in it before heading out each morning. It’s large enough to give you a view of everything from your shoes to your hair, so you can be sure that everything’s on point – you could even hang it near your wardrobe to create a corner dedicated to dressing!

Sophisticated storage

Few things are less glamorous than a good, old-fashioned tidy-up, but it’s very much needed at this time of year. Thanks to this stunning ottoman courtesy of Alison Cork, you won’t need to compromise on the look of your bedroom either. It’s ideal for throwing anything in that you might want to tuck away from sight, whether that’s bulky winter jumpers, magazines, extra bedding or even kids’ toys. Plus it will look beautiful at the end of your bed, ready for you to perch on when you get out of the shower… it’s a win-win!

Another fabulous option that’s perfect for a smaller space is this clever storage stool from Alison Cork, which opens up to reveal a generous space to store your essentials in that looks stunning too. It also doubles up as a perch to put in front of your dressing table or at the foot of your bed when it comes to pamper time.

And how can we talk about storage without mentioning the beloved Bundleberry trunks by Amanda Holden? They’re so popular for a reason – their versatility holds no bounds, as you can stack them up as a fabulous display or even slot them under your bed for a discreet yet oh-so-chic storage solution.

These ones are velvet, making them ideal for the bedroom, and you can use them to hide away so many different things thanks to the three different sizes you’ll get. Use the smallest one to store all your jewellery, while the large one can be used to organise your out-of-season clothes or even special shoes. The choices are endless, but one thing’s for sure – we’d want to keep these out for people to see!

Set the mood
What would your at-home sanctuary be without a bit of ambience? There are so many ways to introduce a bit of calm into your space, and none so effective than the right lighting.

This gorgeous hurricane lantern from My Home Stories offers both elegance and homeliness in equal measure, giving off a warm, welcoming glow while also looking oh-so-stylish on any bedside table or chest of drawers. Clean, minimalist silhouettes like these will do wonders in updating your bedroom decor for the new year, so it’s worth investing in pieces that will really draw the eye.

You can even create a mini lighting display on your dresser or bookcase with this set of two contemporary lanterns, which boast sophisticated metal frames to set off your decor with a modern twist. Just pop your favourite pillar candles in and unwind in the soothing light…

And if you’re not such a fan of an open flame, Alison Cork has you covered. This beautiful trio of filigree leaf candle holders boast LED candles that give off a gorgeous glow, without the possibility of it fizzling out. Just switch them on and switch off.

You can’t go wrong with a bit of greenery – it adds a fresh finish to the room and brightens it up in an instant, but if you’re not exactly green-fingered, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. This trio of faux succulents look as good as the real thing, but there’s no chance of wilting leaves! They also come in geometric ceramic planters, each in a different statement colour, so you can create a mini centrepiece for your surface or dot them around your bedroom to bring your decor together. The choice is yours!

If you’re feeling inspired to give your bedroom an upgrade, discover more ways to do it with a little help from us here at QVC.