Refresh your home with the presenters’ top cleaning picks!

It’s officially 2022, meaning that it’s time to dust off the cobwebs and give your home a thorough clean, but why not make it mean more this year and really give your routine a refresh?

Our presenters are here to help with their top cleaning picks, from state-of-the-art vacuums to spectacular stain removers, so you can trust in the products they rely on to get the job done!

Vacuum cleaners
It’s well known that a vacuum cleaner is an absolute must for any home, and because it’s such a staple in your cleaning routine, it just makes sense to invest in one that leaves your space spick and span in a matter of moments. Here are a few of our presenters’ ride-or-die favourites…

Ophelia Dennis
Ophelia’s No. 1 vacuum cleaner is a favourite of many all over the world, renowned for its streamlined, innovative design and impressive suction power. Once you have it in your cleaning arsenal, we’re pretty sure you’ll never go back!

‘I love the Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and have recommended it to friends and family because it’s so easy to use, has a clear timer display and a sleek design. My flat and Quinton (my car) have never experienced a deep clean like it! The different attachments make life so much easier to reach places that I’m not tall enough to reach. Something I didn’t realize at first was that the cleaner head attachment is so flexible it can get under the sofa, so you don’t need to bend down, let the cleaner get under there.

I find the ‘point and shoot’ method quite satisfying. It literally ejects and shoots out the rubbish and dust down away from you into the bin, which is good for me as any little bit of dust near the sinuses sets off my allergies. It’s lightweight so I don’t feel like I’m dragging a weight around with me. It cleans my hair (extensions) from the carpet and shaggy rug with ease if any sheds or breaks after brushing, which my older cleaners didn’t have the power to do. It’s stylish enough to use the docking station too and have it on show!’

Annaliese Dayes
And Ophelia’s not the only one who adores her Dyson V11. For Annaliese, it’s actually sparked a new joy for her… who knew?!

‘Have you ever heard the phrase, “The joy of vacuuming cleaning”? Well let me introduce it to you with the Dyson V11! Honestly, I’m not usually one to get excited about cleaning – of course I appreciate the results, but the actual process has never got my juices flowing. However, the Dyson V11 makes me want to clean to my heart’s content, easily snapping it off its wall mount and gliding effortlessly around my floors, and yes, there may even be couple dance moves involved. The stand out feature for me has got to be the fact it’s cordless. This inevitably helps with accessing every nook and cranny of my flat, but it even means I can take it out to the car and save myself some pennies when I drive up to the car wash. Finally, a vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning fun!’

Debbie Flint
When it comes to easy clean-ups, it’s the Shark Handheld Vacuum Cleaner that Debbie Flint reaches for time and time again.

‘I absolutely love it! It’s so handy on the kitchen counter, from picking up fallen house plant leaves to crumbs on the worktop or reaching for that Barbie shoe down the back of the sofa! It is highly, highly recommended from me!’

Alison Keenan
Debbie’s not the only one who’s a Shark fan! Their iconic DuoClean vacuum is Alison’s go-to when it comes to getting rid of every last speck of dust.

‘I can’t remember how many years ago I got my first Shark DuoClean vacuum but it has been absolutely superb at removing all the dust, debris and general grime from our carpets, hard floors and upholstery! This cream-coloured carpet runs throughout the house and was here when we moved in over nine years ago! The Shark has done such a great job we’ve not had to replace it, and it’s the same story for the stone floor in the kitchen and tiled surfaces in the bathroom. The Lift-Away technology makes it easy to do the stair carpet, especially with the additional attachments, and it’s great for cleaning up high or down low, like the granite around the log burner. Because of the swivel movement, it gets into all the corners and the LED lights make it easy to see under things.

I’d be lost without this supreme cleaner! Thank you Shark!’

Cleaning your home
Arguably one of the trickiest jobs, spot cleaning your home, demands some real elbow grease and potentially a whole host of different solutions… until now, that is. When it comes to refreshing your routine in this area, our mantra is ‘the simpler, the better’, and after you’ve seen our presenter’s favourites, we think it’ll be yours too.

Pipa Gordon
Pipa’s top choice is a real all-rounder loved by many of the presenters here at QVC, and it’s very easy to see why!

‘There are a few annual occasions that go in my diary each year without fail. Birthdays, of course, are a given, alongside anniversaries, our camping trip to the Isle of Wight, a few other things… and the It Works Cleaning Block Today’s Special Value (not even kidding!). It’s usually about 30 blocks, which I try to make last throughout the year – I’m down to my last six! They are amazing for anything from cleaning fingerprints off doors and grubby banisters, dirty walls, Blu-Tac and scuffed paintwork – basically anything that needs cleaning which you don’t want to use chemicals on, they are like my magic wand! Long live cleaning blocks!’

Anne Dawson
Cleaning the bathrooms can be a pain (literally – especially when you have to put your back into scrubbing those surfaces!), but Anne Dawson’s recommendation cuts that right out of the equation.

‘There are so many cleaning products to choose from in this department from QVC (and I have many of them!!), but in terms of something I order time and time again, it’s hands down Ecozone Shower Cleaner for me. Talk about easy!! Cleaning the shower area was previously a rather arduous and laborious task to say the least (soap scum, limescale and all the other usual culprits). With a few sprays of Ecozone (and no elbow grease whatsoever) I have a sparkling clean shower with shiny taps and shower head, no smears or mould build up… ever!’

‘I simply make sure all the surfaces are wet before spraying this on at bedtime and then rinse off in the morning. Doing this 2 – 3 times a week gives my shower area a spotless and pristine finish every time. Wouldn’t be without it!’

OK, doing the laundry isn’t exactly a glamorous job, but it’s something you do weekly (at least!), so wouldn’t it be nice if it could be as easy as possible? These top picks from our presenters not only give you impressive results, but they’re even environmentally friendly too – just an added bonus that’ll keep your conscience clean, too!

Simon Biagi
When it comes to the laundry, Simon couldn’t choose just one favourite from Ecozone – there are just too many fabulous formulas!

‘At home, I’m in charge of the laundry and there are two things that I think are fantastic… and both are from Ecozone. I would not be without the Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner Tablets. These machines are very expensive, and I want ours to last as long as possible. Limescale is a killer for washing machines and dishwashers and this looks after the bits you can’t see. Our last machines lasted 20 years (with two children’s cloth nappies – yuck!) and I hope this one lasts even longer.’

‘I have also been very impressed with their Ecozone Soap Nuts. Totally natural, so there are no chemicals at all going into our rivers and oceans, yet they get all the clothes really clean (especially the whites). We can never be totally green, but every little helps!’

Jackie Kabler
We all know that sinking feeling when we spot a stain on our precious clothes or fabrics, but Jackie’s top pick from none other than lauded eco-conscious brand Ecoegg makes light work of those pesky spills!

‘My absolute must-have is the Ecoegg stain remover. I use it on everyday stains, for example when I spill make up on my clothing, or on curry stains on my husband’s shirts, but I’ve also had amazing success with it on much more stubborn stains. When we moved into our new house, there was an old, unidentifiable yellow stain right in the middle of a pale carpet. I tried every carpet cleaner I could find on it, but nothing worked and I thought we would have to replace the carpet. Then I thought of trying the Ecoegg stain remover on it, and it took it out straight away – carpet saved! My mother, who lives in Ireland, had an old ink stain on one of her sofa cushions, so I sent her some and it took that out too. I honestly couldn’t be without it.’

We hope that the presenters have inspired you to kick-start your cleaning routine and refresh it for the better! If you’d like to discover more ways to quench that cleaning bug, check out the rest of our range here.