Get a better night’s sleep this Sleeptember

Long weekend lie-ins, an early night, cat-napping on the couch, literally the stuff dreams are made of for most of us. But sleep is also one of the most underestimated factors when it comes to our health, helping to improve focus, wellbeing and resilience against minor illnesses, yet it can be so difficult to get a decent amount of shut-eye when you need it.

Considering so many different factors in our lives can affect our ability to sleep, it’s important to take control of those we can, and that includes the foundation of sleep: our beds. This Sleeptember, we’ve rounded up our pick of mattresses, duvets, pillows and much more to help you prepare for your best sleep yet, so you can give yourself the best chance at waking up refreshed and ready to go the next morning.

The all-season duvet

We’re kicking off our selection with a fresh new brand to QVC, the Martex Silverbac 10.5 Tog Duvet. You really can’t go wrong with a 10.5 tog, as it’s a great all-rounder that will see you through the seasons, plus it boasts the Silverbac technology that Martex is renowned for (and the reason it’s hugely popular in the hospitality industry – they kit out some major hotels and resorts!).

“This super soft duvet contains silver-infused fibres, that will not wash out, which help reduce the harmful effects of bacteria and provide comfort, confidence and peace of mind night after night”. Martex ambassador Charlotte Avery explains, “This helps you experience that fresh, hotel-at-home feeling every time you settle in for the evening”.

The marvellous mattress

If you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge and investing in a new mattress, not many compare with Sealy. This fabulous ActivSleep Comfort Memory 1800 Pocket Mattress offers supreme comfort and support with a mix of pocket springs and memory foam, making it an instant upgrade from your regular sleep foundation.

“Great quality sleep equals great energy and productivity throughout the day”, Sealy ambassador Alison Jones says. “Featuring 1000 pocket springs with 800 mini pocket springs, combined with a layer of memory foam, the spring unit of the ActivSleep Comfort Memory 1800 Pocket Mattress is designed to have a positive impact on the quality of your sleep and in turn, your energy levels. The memory foam responds to your body, providing perfect relief to your pressure points”.

Once you’ve established the ideal basis for your bed with a great mattress, you’ll find that your other bedding essentials will fall into place allowing you to have your best night’s sleep yet, so it’s worth making the investment and discovering the impact for yourself!

The ultimate topper

If you’re not quite ready to replace your old mattress, a mattress topper might just be what you need to give your bed the boost it needs. If you’re ready for a refresh, purchase an excellent one that won’t wear out quickly, such as the Silentnight Dual Layer Anti-Allergen Airmax Mattress Topper.

“Whether it’s your existing mattress, a slightly ‘past-its-sell-by-date’ guest mattress or even a sofa bed you know isn’t as comfortable for your guests as it could be, adding this topper will make all the difference”, Silentnight ambassador Becky Redfearn says, “A big, breathable air pocket, two lovely soft, fluffy layers of anti-allergen fibres…. What’s not to love?”

The perfect pillow

Dreaming of a super-soft pillow that offers cloud-like comfort and amazing support? Not all pillows are created equal, and this Tempur Comfort Cloud Pillow proves it.

“For a pillow that offers truly personalised comfort, that is soft and supportive, along with the added benefit of pressure relief”, Jimmy Cairnes from Tempur says, “The Tempur Cloud Pillow is designed to support your head and neck in every position you sleep in. The micro cushions of the Extra Soft Tempur material conform and adapt to your head and neck weight and shape, ensuring you sleep longer, deeper and better night after night”.

Just think of this as the ultimate pillow upgrade – ideal for achieving your optimum sleep, time and time again.

For extra protection

Once you’ve invested in a good mattress or topper and pillows, the last thing you want is to spoil them with day-to-day wear and tear. To keep them protected, this Protect-A-Bed Cooling mattress and pillow protector set is a must. Different from a mattress topper, it helps to prevent stains and spills from ruining your lovely new bed, plus it has the added bonus of a cooling effect to regulate your temperature, which just so happens to be a huge factor in sleep quality!

“Our Cooling Cotton mattress and pillow protector set is perfect to sleep on whilst protecting your mattress and pillows from spills, stains, sweat and other bodily fluids”, brand ambassador Paul Lake explains, and there’s much more to the design than that: “The cotton sleep surface is luxuriously soft to touch, plus it has been infused with our Nordic Chill treatment, which is a natural treatment made from sugar alcohols found in fruits such as strawberries and plums. When we sweat during the night, the Nordic Chill treatment has an endothermic reaction with the moisture, which helps pull heat away from your body. It means you’ll feel cooler in bed, helping to reduce sleep disturbance from overheating. This is the perfect mattress and pillow protector set for comfort, protection and to reduce heat build-up!”

It’s one of those clever essentials that doesn’t seem like a must-have until you put it on your bed… then you’ll wonder how you ever did without it!

The finishing touch

No dream bedding arrangement is complete without a super-soft duvet set, and when it comes to irresistible fabrics, look no further than Cozee Home. Their Velvetsoft fabrication offers a luxurious, velvety look and feel that’s also wonderfully lightweight, so it’ll feel silky smooth against your skin as you sleep.

“The Velvetsoft Embossed Stripe four-piece duvet set is a true favourite from the Cozee Home cupboard, with over 40 five-star reviews, so we are bringing it back for A/W21 refreshed with some new colour choices”, Brand ambassador Debra Leigh tells us, “One of the reasons I think it’s so popular is the wide stripes with a matte-shine effect – these are created with a special technique to heat emboss them into the fabric, so the pile in that area flattens and becomes shinier, against the more matte background, giving it a two-tone effect. It’s simply winning, with a luscious Velvetsoft handle to keep you lovely and warm throughout the colder season, no sheet shock, and it’s easy to care for – no ironing needed!”

It’s that luxurious finishing touch you’ve been looking for, completing your bed with a fabric that doesn’t compromise on style or feel.

If you’ve been inspired to aim for a better night’s sleep this Sleeptember, why not check out our wide range of bedding, mattresses and much more here at QVC?