Suck it up with Shark!

As we’re looking forward to gathering in our homes again, you may be wondering where to start when it comes to getting your space looking presentable for guests. Let’s face it, the last thing any of us want to do is stay indoors cleaning all day, so now more than ever, it’s worth investing in a vacuum that will get the job done quickly and easily, without the need for extra brushes and tools to get rid of stubborn pet hair.

Enter Shark’s lightweight, corded stick vacuum cleaner that transforms into a handheld easily, boasting superior power to get rid of dirt, pet hair and much more from hard and carpeted floors. With innovative technologies to make your cleaning experience as effortless as possible and an impressively flexible wand that bends to help you reach anywhere from tricky corners to underneath furniture, it’s the perfect all-rounder for any home. The best news? It’s our Today’s Special Value on Saturday 19th June, so you can snap it up at an amazing price that saves you over £110 – that’s over 40%!

Why Shark?
Shark is the UK’s bestselling vacuum cleaner brand for a reason. Its focus isn’t just on creating innovative vacuum cleaners that boast the power and efficiency to remove stubborn dirt and hair in seconds, but also the ease of use before, during and after a clean, so there’s simply no compromise. It makes them ideal for any task, big or small, whether you’re doing a top-to-toe clean of your entire home or a quick run-around before the family arrives.

There’s also a five year manufacturer’s guarantee upon registration, so once you’ve got your vacuum cleaner home, you can activate it and have complete peace of mind that you’re guaranteed the full Shark experience for years to come.

Very versatile
One of the most impressive things about this vacuum cleaner is how versatile its design is, offering you complete flexibility when it comes to reaching every corner of your home, from floor to ceiling. If you’ve ever lugged a heavy vacuum cleaner around, you’ll know what a difference a lightweight one can make, and this stick vacuum cleaner is no exception. It’s easy to glide around and there’s nothing to drag behind you, so you’ll be free to get the job done easily and speedily.

It also boasts an extra long 10m cord for incredible reach and range, as well as a slim stick, so you really can go from one end of the room to the other without worrying about the dreaded ‘tug’ of the plug!

There’ll be no more straining to reach under the furniture anymore either. The Flexology wand actually bends at a right angle to reach far under any sofa or bed, just with the click of a button, and it boasts clever LED lights to illuminate even the finest dust in dark places, making it so easy to ensure that you’ve left no spot unvacuumed.

When it comes to ceilings and upholstery, another click of a button and change of attachment transforms it into a handheld vacuum cleaner, ideal for a more intensive clean on chairs, sofas and other furniture, or for reaching up into ceiling corners to get rid of those pesky cobwebs! There’s no tough mechanisms to tackle or annoying slots – just a simple click-in-and-out design that lets you clean beautifully.

A hair hero
Who among us hasn’t taken scissors to a vacuum cleaner’s brush roll to try and get rid of all the tangled hair that’s wrapped around it? It’s one of the most frustrating parts of vacuum cleaning and can really prolong the process, especially when it jams it halfway through, forcing you to stop. Not what you want when guests are about to arrive at any moment!

Luckily, Shark’s genius Anti Hair Wrap Technology featured in this stick vacuum cleaner prevents the issue from happening at all. It’s special bristle guard and comb actively separate and remove long and short strands, including pet hair, from the brush-roll, so you won’t have to get out the scissors any time soon!

Take a look at the video below to see it in action.

Perfect for pets
We love our four-legged friends here at QVC, but their hair? Not so much. It manages to get everywhere, and really embeds itself into sofas and carpets – if you’ve found yourself on all-fours frantically brushing away at upholstery to try and get rid of it, you’ll know what we mean!

It can be difficult to believe that a vacuum cleaner could ever do the job well enough, but this one is purposefully designed to pick up even the most stubborn pet hairs out there. It even comes with a TruePet tool that works to dislodge embedded fur in upholstery, stairs and even your car, actively sucking up the hairs rather than just brushing them around. Maybe you won’t have to have that ‘no pets on the sofa’ rule after all!

Technology you can rely on
It wouldn’t be a Shark vacuum without a floorhead that really packs a punch, and this one’s DuoClean Technology won’t disappoint. It combines two motorised brush rolls in one floorhead, so there’s no need to switch heads as you move seamlessly from room to room, gliding over carpets to hard floors.

The bristle brush roll gives carpets a deep clean, drawing out trodden-in dirt and dust to refresh them in an instant, while the soft brush roll at the front makes continuous contact with the floor, sucking up any debris, small or large, and stuck-on dust from hard floors. This dynamic duo not only works to give your home the deep clean it deserves in a matter of minutes, but it also makes it effortless and undemanding for you.

No one likes the idea of a big clean, but this innovative Shark vacuum cleaner takes out most of the work for you and will leave your home looking spotless, even if you’ve left it last minute! Don’t miss it on offer as our Today’s Special Value on Saturday 19th June and on pre-sell from the 17th, or if you love the sound of it and would like to check out the rest of the range, discover Shark here.