Your perfect night’s sleep, sorted

March doesn’t just mark the start of spring – it’s also Sleep Awareness Week, which means it’s the perfect time to take a good look at your before-bed routine. From the best in beauty to sumptuous bedding, there are so many ways to enhance your quality of sleep, so take a look at our prime selection to get you snoozing in a matter of seconds!

Your night-time routine

In our books, winding down for the evening is seriously underrated when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. With constant exposure to blue light from our phones, TV going on into the late hours and stressful emails piling in, creating a ritual that works for you has never been more important, and using the right products can make all the difference when it comes to getting that much-needed shut-eye.

In the run-up to sleep, start by lighting a candle nearby to encourage an ambience of calm and switch your brain into sleep mode. We love Neom’s expertly-blended Real Luxury candle for evoking a sense of tranquillity at home, which is specifically formulated with 24 calming essential oils as part of Neom’s Scent to De-Stress range. If you light it right by you, it could even replace one of the artificial lights in your room, or you could place it beside the bath and switch off the bathroom lights to create a spa-like feeling in your own home.

Speaking of baths, this gorgeous set comes with an indulgent Bath Foam in the Real Luxury fragrance to match the candle, so creating a co-ordinated, utterly relaxing pamper routine has never been simpler. We like to think of it as your one-stop-shop to a better night’s sleep – the luxurious way.

You might not have thought about assessing the skincare in your night time routine, but if you find it difficult to drift off, you’ll know that your senses play a vital role in soothing your mind at bed time. Luckily, Elemis is here to the rescue at just the right time, launching their iconic Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm in a brand new, ultra-calming scent: Serenity. Yes, it’s the same fabulous formula loved by millions, but with gorgeous notes of lavender, vetiver and clary sage to capture your senses and settle them down for the night ahead.

It does what it says on the pot – as you smooth on its soothing, hydrating formula, it gently whisks away all traces of make-up and impurities while creating a feeling of serenity, so each and every night you can build its aroma into your routine for a therapeutic ritual you’ll simply fall in love with – and fall asleep to.

If you’re ready to take your bedtime regime to the next level, this collection from Hayo’u is your ultimate guide to therapeutic massage, with a bamboo Body Tapper designed to energise your skin, a stainless steel Body Restorer to help you soothe and release areas of tension on your back, legs and arms, and a Body Oil to help smooth your skin. Incorporating self-massage into your evening routine can encourage your body to untense and relax, working away the day’s stresses in just a few minutes, so this clever collection will help you do just that with its tools inspired by ancient rituals.

Your sleep space

Making your bed can make all the difference when it comes to a good night’s sleep, and that starts at the base: your mattress. This is one part of your bed that you don’t want to compromise on, as it can make the difference between being awake for half the night or drifting off in moments. That’s why we love this innovative Gel Hybrid Mattress from Studio by Silentnight. With 1000 Micropocket springs and a sumptuous Geltex Comfort layer, it has an amazing bounce-back sensation that actively responds to your body as you sleep, offering you individually-tailored support each and every night.

It also moves when you do, so as you sleep, your weight is evenly distributed to relieve pressure, encouraging your best night’s sleep yet. Plus, there’s no need to flip it over, so you can just sink in and enjoy!

Resting your head well requires a pillow that’s perfect for you, so we recommend settling for nothing less than quality. This pillow from The Modern Bedroom is a certain upgrade from your regular one, offering cooling technology to keep your temperature regulated all night long, encouraging a less disturbed, calmer night’s sleep you can re-lie on!

To say that a duvet set makes all the difference between comfort and spending half the night awake is no understatement – scratchy sheets are coarse against your skin and make your bedroom feel a lot less than comfortable, so make sure you’ve got bedding you really love to be in. After all, you’re meant to be spending at least eight hours in it every night!

This duvet set from Cozee Home’s Supersoft range is an ideal choice if you’re looking for beautiful bedding that really pulls through on the comfort levels. With gorgeous textured fabric that’s irresistible to touch, you’ll actually want to get into bed every night – plus it looks as inviting as it feels.

If you prefer your bedding on the sleeker side, you can’t go wrong with this effortlessly elegant four-piece duvet set from K by Kelly Hoppen. Soft and oh-so-stylish, it not only looks the part but feels it too, with a luxurious, breathable 100% cotton fabrication. Plus, its streamlined design adds a calming finish to your bedroom, so you’ll want to sink into it after a long day!

Settling down

We get it – peace and quiet is hard to come by. With so many sounds and bright lights to contend with, you may be in need of a bit of extra help, and that’s where Smug comes in. This sleep set offers an ultra-comfy contoured mask that blocks out light without sitting too tightly on your face, as well as ear plugs that adapt to the shape of your inner ear, so pesky noises won’t keep you tossing and turning all night. There’s even a zipped storage bag to put them in, so everything’s organised when it comes to settling down.

When it’s time to lay your head down, giving your pillow a spritz of This Works’ lauded Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is a must. Blended with lavender, vetiver and wild camomile essential oils, it’s specially formulated to help you drift off, and it has a gorgeous fragrance to send you to sleep with, too. In fact, we rate making a habit of it each night so that your mind will eventually associate its soothing aroma with bed time automatically. As it takes mere seconds each night, we think that spritzing this pillow spray is a fantastic way to begin building your night time regime, even if you don’t have bags of time in the evenings – plus, who can resist that scent?!

We hope we’ve inspired you to strive for your best sleep yet (you deserve it!), and if you fancy checking out what else we have on offer in homeware, discover more here, or if you’re after mood-boosting tools and formulas, head over to out health and wellbeing department.