A spotless home for 2020

Although it’s a few months yet before the big spring clean, it’s never too early to start a thorough clean and de-clutter of the home, especially after the chaos of Christmas! Whether you’re hosting all the family this year or present wrapping has caused the dining table to disappear under mounds of paper, the post-Christmas clean-up will have many of us feeling overwhelmed. But with the right cleaning tools and storage solutions, heading into the New Year with a spotless home may be easier than you think…

Check out our top tips for making your home look spick and span, plus equip yourself with everything you need from our Cleaning & Storage collection, some of which you can find out more about below.


Cleaning can be (almost) pain-free with the right tools and luckily there is an impressive range of handy household supplies out there for just about anything – including the toilet! Along with cleaning oven and washing the dishes, tackling the toilet has to be up there for being of our least favourite household chores, but these Forever Flush Toilet Blocks from Ecozone are an excellent hack. Encased in a fully recyclable exterior, each block is designed to gradually release a scented solution inside the bowl every time you flush to help clean, freshen and protect your toilet in one.

Tip: use a toilet brush to clean the toilet bowl before placing one Ecozone Forever Flush in place, paying close attention to the areas directly under the rim.

We reach for paper kitchen towels for all manner of things from cleaning up spills to polishing mirrors, but where do they go afterwards? Straight in the bin. Now Ecoegg have come up with a fantastic solution to help reduce waste that can also be cost saving too; Reusable Bamboo Towels. Made from bamboo and viscos, these highly absorbent towels are designed to be used up to 85 times per sheet, making them an excellent alternative.

Tip: pop a used sheet in your washing machine at or below 40C, line dry upon removal and store until next time.

From spilt drinks and crumbs to Christmas tree sap and Santa’s sooty foot prints, mess of all kinds ends up on the floor over the festive period. The Spray & Clean Flip to Dry Multi Surface Mop from It Works will help you to keep floors in tip-top condition though, featuring a trigger sprayer and washable double-sided pads so you can mop up mess in no time. It even comes with snap on window squeegee and bristle brush attachments for cleaning windows, mirrors, tiles and more!

Tip: before mopping floors, give them a good sweep or vacuum to remove loose dirt and dust particles so you’re not just spreading it around when cleaning.

And with that tip in mind, we all know how essential a good vacuum cleaner is for small and big home cleans. Vacuuming is the easiest way to keep maintain carpets and floors, and will instantly refresh them post any Christmas or New Year’s partying. One model we’re loving is Shark‘s DuoClean IF130UKTHQ Cordless Vacuum. It features a Flexology wand so you reach high and low spaces with ease, plus five different cleaning tools and a unique motorised head with two brush-rolls ideal for removing pet hairs and dust.

Tip: make the most of the attachments that come with your vacuum cleaner, they’re great for tackling surfaces that are often difficult or delicate to clean such as behind the fridge, car interiors and upholstery.