Five tips to help you sleep better

Sleep is essential for our health and wellbeing, repairing and recharging the body after all the activity of the day and preparing it for the next. But with the many demands of our daily lives and our own personal challenges, it can often be difficult to switch off, get comfy and sleep well.

Whether you’re waking up with aches or finding it hard to quiet the mind for your nightly shut-eye, here are five tips and some practical bedding products to help you catch more restful zzzs. You can also find more products to target specific sleep problems in our Sleep Solutions collection. Follow the link here and take steps to improve your sleep.

1. Choose a supportive pillow

You rest your head on it all night yet for many of us, our pillows are no longer offering the support we need. Do you often wake up with a stiff neck? It could be a sign that it’s time to replace your pillow for something that offers better support. A good pillow should hold your head in a supportive and aligned position to the rest of your body to help prevent neck aches and headaches.

We recommend the Supersoft By Cozee Home Set Of 2 Embossed Micro-Fresh Pillows  as an option to suit most. They’re specially designed to provide the perfect balance between support and softness for tailored comfort.

2. Upgrade your base

Your mattress can have a huge impact on how well you sleep, so if you’ve been struggling to get comfortable or keep waking up feeling achy it is a good place to look first. Over time, mattresses can start to lose their shape which often results in lumps and dips that are far from comfortable to sleep on. That’s why the average recommendation is to replace a mattress approximately every eight years. Another reason to switch up could be that you require or want a different level of softness or firmness to better suit you.

If you’re looking to update, there are a number of excellent mattresses in our Sleep Solutions collection that will cater to different needs, including the ActivSleep Comfort Memory 1800 Pocket Mattress from Sealy. It features 1800 individually responsive pocket springs for the ultimate in responsive support, plus a layer of memory foam and a soft knitted surface fabric.

3. Set the right temperature

Temperature is another important factor when it comes to falling asleep more easily, and staying asleep especially during the time of year when warmer nights become more frequent. Ideally, you want your bedroom to feel nice and cool (not cold or hot) so that it’s easier for your body temperature to decrease and signal sleep. As well as using fans, opening windows and keeping curtains shut on a sunny day, the right bedding can help too.

This set of 100% Cotton Easy Care Fitted Sheets from Northern Nights is an excellent option for helping to keep you at a comfortable temperature in bed, with Truegrip technology they are also designed to be easy to care for. We’re also a big fan of the Comfort Control Temperature Regulating 10.5 Tog Duvet from Silentnight, which has a lighter tog weight and Opti-therm technology that works to regulate your body temperature throughout the night.

4. Build a better sleep routine

If you don’t have a sleep routine or are finding that the one you currently have isn’t working for you, it’s time to make one that does. Having a plan and sticking to it can do wonders for regulating your sleep pattern so that you fall asleep more easily and wake up feeling more refreshed, so try going to sleep at roughly the same time each night and sticking to a time to wake up in the morning. The Made by Zen Glo Aroma Diffuser with Essential Oils is designed to help ease you into a restful sleep

As you transition to bedtime, a regular night-time routine will tell your body that it’s time to wind down. Whether it’s cleansing, removing make-up and putting on your night cream, incorporating a calming ritual with something like this Elemis Calming Night Time Sleep Routine, getting changed into your PJ’s early or turning technology off half an hour before you go to bed, these added extras will help your body get ready for sleep.

5. Find what relaxes you

From soothing scents to a good book, make it a priority to discover what relaxes you and integrate this into your bedtime routine too. This could even include favourite bed linen, your cosiest throw or  something from our snug Cozee Home selection.

For more practical bedding solutions that aim to solve your sleep problems, remember to take a look at our sleep bedding collection and find the best solutions for you.