New Year Catch Up With Amanda Holden

As we head further into a brand new year, we thought it was time to catch up with our Brand Ambassador, Amanda Holden, to discuss all things home and to see what 2020 has in store…

Happy New Year Amanda! Did you make any resolutions this year?

No, I find new year resolutions utterly pointless. I always just set out a few goals of what I would like to achieve rather than what I am not going to be doing!

What are you looking forward to in 2020?

I’m looking forward to releasing my album this year and filming another series of Britain’s Got Talent. I’m also absolutely loving working on Heart Breakfast and we’ve got some fantastic campaigns coming up, but above all I’m looking forward to spending quality time with my family on some lovely holidays I’ve been fortunate enough to book already.

The start of a new year often sees the instinct for a home refresh for many, so let’s talk home. Where is the heart of your home?

It has to be the kitchen. We’re very lucky that we’ve got a large open plan kitchen with breakfast bar and dining room table so lots can go on at once. We all, including the pets, seem to descend into this room!

How would you describe your own house style?

Art Deco with pops of colour, clean lines and a vibe of the 70’s.

Do you have any go tos when you want to refresh a room?

I like changing rooms around to give them a fresh feel. I ask myself, ‘Is that really the best place for that sofa/armchair/footstool?’ and if the answer is no I change them around. I recently swapped a console table that was behind a sofa in my lounge for a table in the hallway with a lamp on it for a bit of a change of scenery – it allows you to see things from a different perspective or in a different light and you start to appreciate it all over again. You can also do this by adding a mirror to a wall or taking down a mirror and replacing it with a piece of artwork.

The same goes for adding a plant or faux plant, swapping the order in which you put things back after dusting, turning a reversible rug over, taking cushions off/on your sofa or putting a throw on. You can even simply add new photographs to a frame. By doing this you can make things more prominent that might have been hidden behind something else for a while and it really gives your room a refresh.

We won’t give too much away yet (watch this space), but Peach Pink looks like it’s going to be a key colour trend in the new spring/summer BundleBerry Collection, what do you like about this shade?

What I like about this shade is that its soft tone fits with most colour ways and is suitable for any room. I have to say, it’s like having a nude shoe in your closet – you just have to have it because it works with everything!

Do you have any tips for anyone unsure about introducing colour or pattern into their home?

Be bold, be brave and go for it!

Thanks Amanda, it sounds like you have a great year planned and we can’t wait to go home to start rearranging!

Looking to give your home a bit of a 2020 refresh? Take a look at Amanda’s fantastic BundleBerry range here and don’t forget to check back for updates on the next collection, coming soon.