Top pet products for your pooch

Love spoiling your dog? Who doesn’t! That’s why we’ve curated an extra special list for the pooch (or pooches!) in your life to help take them from adventures and play time to relaxing at home with ease. Of course, we couldn’t do it without a little help from QVC’s four-legged friends too…

Road trips

Whether you’re heading off for a mini break, driving to that walking spot you know gets tails wagging or travelling to see loved ones, there are a few essentials you won’t want to hit the road without. First up, is something you can use to give your pet water in and if you’ve not tried a water bottle with an attached bowl before like these Fold-a-Bowl ones from Flipo, we highly recommend you do! The bowl simply folds out so you can fill it with water and let your dog hydrate away.

This bowl set from EasyPets is another fantastic portable solution, with a Roll-a-Bowl featuring two bowls on a non-slip mat, all of which can be rolled up together, as well as a single Fold-a-Bowl designed to fold into a compact square that can be clipped to your belt, rucksack or pocket. Clever and convenient, they’ll hardly take up any room at all!

One for both you and your dog when journeying in the car, this protective seat barrier from Kong is designed to block access from the back seats to the front, while keeping you visible for your pooch through a breathable mesh window. It’s easy to install thanks to four anchor straps and even has two storage pockets for any all-important extras like treats. Is that a woof of approval we hear?


Playing with your dog is a great way to bond and spend time together, not to mention the benefits active play has for your pets mental and physical health. It can come in many forms too; ball games, hide and seek, walks, tug, agility and scent work, to name a few! For the ball-mad out there, this HandiPod Launch from Kong is fantastic for keeping them entertained with a game of fetch and it comes with a weighted ball, as well as a waste dispenser and 30 waste bags ideal for daily walks.

For your dog, walks with you are some of the best times of the day. For you however, the inevitable pick up and carrying of their waste is likely not one of yours. This Dicky Bag Dog Waste Bag Premium+ is sure to make it better though. Clip it to your lead, your belt or your dog, then store used bags in it until you find a suitable bin and go back to having a pleasant walk with your pooch!

Play doesn’t always stop when the sun goes down, so if your pup’s having pre-bedtime zoomies in the garden or you’re out for an evening stroll, help keep your pet visible in the dark with a safety light. This set of six flashing LEDs from Flipo come in Blue, Red and White and can be easily attached to their collar. For increased visibility and safety during night-time walks, also consider reflective gear for your dog and try taking a familiar route with plenty of lighting.

Aaaand relax

As well as catching zzz’s at night, it’s normal for dogs to snooze a lot during the day and a cosy dog bed will help them to enjoy their downtime in comfort. Pop this somewhere free from draughts and warm (but not too close to a source of heat) – a corner of a room you tend to relax in like a lounge is ideal.

This Orthopaedic pet bed from the sleep experts at Silentnight is specially designed to help support and distribute the weight of your pet, with a contoured foam layer and extra-high sides to keep them feeling cosy and secure. The dropped front allows for easier access too, perfect for older pets.

Another excellent option is this Fluffy round pet bed from Cozee Paws, which looks so inviting we’re ready to curl up in it ourselves!! It has an extra-comfy faux fur exterior, removable polyester filler pad and an outer padded ring to help provide head and neck support… but that’s not all. It’s also infused with an Odourolgy formula designed to reduce odour-producing bacteria, which means less unpleasant smells and less washing required for you.

For more practical and pampering products, take a trip to our virtual pet store and before you go, put your paws together for our featured furry friends! We’d love to see more pics of your pets and QVC discoveries so don’t forget to tag yours on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtags #myqvcfind and #myqvcpet.