The women that inspire us at QVC

Our QVC presenters have worked with some incredible industry names over the years, but today a few of them want to focus on the women that have really made an impact on their lives. We’d love to know which QVC guests, brand representatives and founders you find most inspiring too!

Charlie Brook on Abi Cleeve

Among the many special guests at QVC, I’d like to call out one particular person who never ceases to amaze me. Abi Cleeve. Not only does she inspire me but so many of us at QVC. Abi has brought to QVC, for many years now, the Ultrasun range and in recent years her Skinsense collection too. Abi is one of the hardest working people I know and she sets the benchmark for integrity too.

She’s always striving to bring the very best offers to QVC. Abi is a ray of sunshine on air but off air is just a delight to be around as well. She’s so generous with her time, so considerate, and I hear time and time again of her kindness to others.

Also, she remembers the item numbers for many of her products! How does she do that?! It’s no secret that if I were told there is only one brand I could have, and nothing else from QVC, it would be Ultrasun. It’s too important. Thank you Abi – you are an inspiration, keep doing what you do.

Ophelia Dennis on Ali Young

A woman that inspires me at QVC is Alison Young, hailed ‘The Most Powerful Woman in British Beauty’ by The Daily Mail. Ali’s world class knowledge and expertise stems from her personal journey from a young age. From suffering from eczema as a baby to being doubted by teachers, Ali fought through all the obstacles to become the beauty powerhouse that she is today, helping so many people with beauty, skin and hair concerns.

Working with Ali, spending time with her and especially reading her book has given me a deeper insight into her background and I admire her strength and tenacity even more so. Ali has worked with some high-profile figures and some of the best of the best in the industry, but has time for anyone (even me with the most basic questions). Being a newer addition to QVC, Ali took time to help with my development in my new role and personally with skincare, on the phone, in person and during our Facebook Live.

Ali has a caring and compassionate manner especially when dealing with insecurities shared with her and does her best to help.

Simon Biagi on Liz Earle

Working at QVC has given me so many incredible opportunities to work with inspirational women, both as colleagues and visiting guests. It has been a pleasure to work with, and interview, women such as Jackie Collins, Joan Rivers, Tova Borgnine and Kim Mendleson to name but a few but I’d like to mention a woman whom I’ve known for over 25 years, who is home grown – Liz Earle. Liz and I first met when we worked at GMTV with Eamonn and Lorraine.

Liz was their wellbeing and holistic health expert and I was the weatherman.  Although we were rarely in the studio together, Liz hosted a whole TV series from her home and I was asked to contribute. It was a stressful experience for Liz, having her beautiful home invaded by hoards of people for weeks on end, but she was so welcoming, caring and kind to everyone.

Her philosophy on how to be healthy and happy (both generally and with her skincare) was guided by her, has been maintained and is what has made her brand so loved and famous. I was a newbie TV presenter, all rather gobsmacked at the celebrities and impressed by the bright lights, but Liz spoke to me and everyone like we were important and valued.

She developed a brand that had, at the time unusually, botanicals as their powerhouse and when she came to QVC was championed by another inspirational woman, Alison Young, and the brand became a global multi-million pound success story. Where would we be without the multi-award winning Cleanse & Polish or Instant Boost Skin Tonic? When we first met, she hadn’t even started it, but I kinda knew that she was going places!

Jilly Halliday on Alison O’Reilly

I think it’s great that we celebrate International Women’s Day at QVC. I am very much an advocate that us girls should have each other’s backs and I certainly do cherish my female friendships immensely. So many of my friends have overcome huge hurdles over the years and shown incredible resilience at times, so I have seen first-hand how being dealt with a huge blow in life can be so devastating.

So when I was asked to nominate a QVC guest, who I felt was inspirational, there was no doubt in my mind that Alison O’Reilly was my absolute choice. Not only has Alison shown such a huge strength of character throughout her health battles, she has also done this very publicly, which I know has helped an incredible amount of people finding themselves in similar situations. Alison has been a lifeline to many, allowing them to get through the darkest of times.

Alison has been one of our long-standing jewellery and gem experts at QVC for many years. Her wealth of jewellery knowledge is second to none and she has a huge passion for gemstones and a flamboyant flair for design.

Alison, was left fighting for her life after being diagnosed with a very rare form of blood cancer. Throughout her treatment Alison documented her journey on social media with her humour, positivity and love of life shining through every post. Alison is also one of the most naturally glamorous women I know, and that glamour never waned for a second, I really do not know how she managed it. I think to be so brave and so selfless at such a time of crisis, continually reaching out to help others, really is truly inspirational.

This March, we’re celebrating Inspirational Women’s Month and welcome you to take a look at the many fantastic, female-founded and led brands we are proud to partner with here.