Your guide to independent living

In a lot of ways, life gets better as we get older.  More time on our hands, more knowledge and a greater sense of who we are are all fabulous parts of the ageing process. Unfortunately, changing mobility and health concerns do start to creep up on us, but never fear! We’ve got plenty of options to help you live life to the fullest each and every day.

Looking for walking confidence?

If you need a little extra support to stay sweet on your feet when out and about, a walking stick is the way forward. Designs like the Blue Badge Co Freestanding Folding Walking Stick are great for when you’re on the go, as they fold up neatly and can be put in a bag when not in use. Plus, this one’s freestanding – great for when you’re out shopping and want to have your hands free! We also rate the JML Clever Cane Adjustable Walking Stick. Like the Blue Badge Co design, it’s free standing, but features a second lower handle. This’ll come in use when standing up or sitting down to give you that extra feeling of security.

Give yourself a little extra reach

Yes, you might not be as bendy as you were when you were a teenager, but don’t let that slow you down! If reaching down is a bit more difficult than it used to be, a long-handled shoe horn, like this one from Blue Badge Co, will give you the extra reach you need and will make getting out the door in a rush easier than ever. It can be used while standing too!

Giving your back a good scrub in the shower is difficult even for the most flexible of people, which is why we love the JML Shimmy Scrub. Not only does it help you get to all those hard to reach places, it’s the ideal way to help exfoliate and smooth your skin, so every shower will end up feeling like a trip to the spa.

For peace of mind

Health is something that becomes more of a concern as we get older, so we’re arming ourselves with handy at-home medical devices, just to keep a little eye on things! Homedics are great for this. The Automatic Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is compact and simple to use, with just one push of a button needed to get a reading. It’s a fantastic way to keep track of your blood pressure, and won’t take up too much room in the cupboard either. If you’re feeling a little peaky, taking your temperature is a great place to start. This Infrared Ear Thermometer not only features the same one button design, but has a jumbo screen so you can easily read your result – even if your glasses aren’t lying around nearby!

Seeing clearly

Whether it’s a menu in a dark restaurant, small instructions on packets or your latest sewing project, being able to see clearly helps us in all manner of places. JML’s Mighty Sight Light and Magnifying Glasses are a must-have in our handbags and around our homes now. Not only do they make everything a bit clearer with their magnifying lenses, but the built-in lights help illuminate whatever it is you’re looking at. They’re rechargeable too, so say goodbye to faffing with batteries.

Get comfy

We all like a dinner in front of the TV (don’t worry, we won’t tell!) but balancing a plate on your lap is not the easiest, and things can get a little hot depending on what you’re eating. A bead-filled tray is the perfect companion for a meal on the sofa. Blue Badge Co’s design comes in a range of fun prints and is easy to clean in case of any spills. You could also use it with your laptop or tablet for an extra comfortable work session, or even to prop your latest craft project on.

Ready to workout? 

If you want to work on strengthening your core and back stabiliser muscles, we’ve got a simple way to do it! The SpineGym Core Exerciser is lightweight and easy to assemble, so no worries there, plus it lets you do low impact exercise while standing and you’ll be well supported with its double pole design. Helping to improve balance, speed and posture, it’s a great all rounder to add into your daily routine.

There we have it! There are lots more handy gadgets on offer for you to discover in our Living Aids department, and be sure to check out our Health & Wellbeing edit for even more inspiration.