Practical cleaning and storage solutions

Many of us are keen for a clean start this year, and one way to achieve this is to begin with your surroundings. A thorough clean and declutter of your home can do wonders for dusting off the previous year and brings a sense of achievement, not to mention a clearer space often means a clearer mind. Read on for some practical tips plus top picks from our Clean & Tidy collection to help you get started.

Do the jobs you’ve been putting off

Give those often forgotten about areas a thorough scrub down, like lightbulbs, windows, drains and picture frames. Two products we recommend adding to your cleaning kit for this are Fast Attack Drain Cleaner, which can be used on all types of plumbing, and Invisible Glass Spray, complete with microfibre cloths you can use to buff the glass for that coveted shiny finish.

Tip – clean windows on a cloudy day to help avoid streaks created by the sun drying the cleaning spray too quick.

Tackle the toilet

For many, cleaning the toilet is up there as being one of the least favourite chores around the house. The solution? These Forever Flush Toilet Cleaner and Fresheners from Ecozone. Featuring a fully recyclable cage that’s designed to sit discreetly in your toilet cistern for up to five months and 2000 flushes, each one gradually releases a sanitising solution every time you flush to help clean, freshen and protect your toilet. Easy!

Tip: use a toilet brush to clean the toilet bowl before placing one Ecozone Forever Flush in place, paying close attention to the areas directly under the rim.

Clean the cupboards

Wondering what’s in the blind corner of that kitchen cupboard you barely use? It’s probably about time to reach in, bring everything out and give it all a good clean! Even if we’re not using a certain part of the house much, it’s amazing how dust and grime still seems to magically build up over time. This also gives you a good excuse to edit those cupboards, get rid of anything you no longer use and re-organise the space.

Tip: try these absorbent Reusable Bamboo Towel Rolls from Ecoegg alone or with a cleaning spray – they’re a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to paper towels.

Have a good sort out

Along with the kitchen cupboards, identify other areas of your home that you can restore order to such as a wardrobe, drawers or underneath the bed. Clearing out clutter and rearranging these spaces can quickly bring a sense of calm to a room. It also makes it much easier to find something, especially useful when you’re in a rush!

Tip – use drawer organisers like this set of four from Periea to keep socks, underwear, accessories and other usually loose items neat, tidy and easy to find.

Hide it away in style

Storage can of course be beautiful as well as practical and we love pieces like these Velvet Touch Trunks from BundleBerry by Amanda Holden and Round Folding Storage Boxes from Periea. This Velvet Storage Ottoman from Alison Cork is another firm favourite, perfect for adding glamour and elegance to your bedroom, living room or hallway, while offering ample storage for items like throws or bed linen.

Tip – use your ottoman as extra seating and create your own little reading nook by placing it in a corner with a cushion and blanket ready for relaxing on.

Whether you’re tackling the deep clean, organising the kitchen cupboards or doing a daily freshen up, discover more products to help you breeze through it all in our Clean & Tidy collection.