Discover compression clothing with Tommie Copper

Combining sleek style with comfortable fits, Tommie Copper is redefining compression wear. The brand launched in 2010 and is dedicated to helping you live more comfortably every day through a comprehensive and systematic approach to pain management.

Their industry-leading innovations and patented technologies continue to redefine the industry standards of comfort, performance and versatility within compression wear. The business is built on proprietary science, but at their core they are simply about empowering people to feel better in themselves.

How it started

SVP of Business Development Julia Graham has more to share about this game-changing brand:

The founder Tom was in a bad waterskiing accident and after breaking bones and going to the doctor, the doctor said he needed to wear compression garments. Everything he wore was too tight and constrictive and he thought, what is the point of compression if you can’t wear it? At that point, compression was really medical grade or athletic and there was nothing for the everyday customer. So, he developed a line of comfortable compression for all-day wear.

The role of copper

Tommie Copper’s patented Copper Znergy technology is a premium, anti-odour technology that fuses together the natural benefits of copper and zinc to enhance the performance of fabrics. Our Copper Znergy fabric is permanently infused into our fabrics and won’t wash out. The combination of copper and zinc creates a superior anti-odour quality that eliminates the growth of odour-causing microbes on the fabric.

How can compression wear help women in midlife?

Feeling better should be as simple as getting dressed in the morning. Our comfortable compression products can be worn all day and provide all day comfort, relief from aches and muscle soreness and help with muscle recovery. We all have aches at some point in our lives, especially as we get older, so why not help yourself feel better and make it as easy as getting dressed every day.

Also, our proprietary fabric has wicking benefits to keep you cool and dry and premium anti-odour benefits.

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