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We are Rosie and Alice, the founders of Equi and also friends, having met at university almost 20 years ago. We have been on this amazing journey with Equi for the past 8 years and it’s so exciting for us to be launching introducing our incredible supplements to the QVC family.

What makes us different

Let us start by saying that we know how overwhelming the supplement market is. The last thing that we want to do is throw another product into the mix that could potentially add to the confusion. However, at Equi, this is the exact problem that we have set out to solve. It’s been incredible to have helped thousands of women navigate through peri-menopause and menopause, many of whom have told us feel they have been given their lives back.

We believe wholeheartedly in the power of supplements but only when they are done right, using cutting edge scientific research and the highest quality ingredients. Most of us don’t know where to start when we walk into a health food shop. Being faced with hundreds of jars is overwhelming and confusing. You may have been burnt already, having invested in a supplement with high hopes, only to be let down. Well, we’ve been there too and we were intent on changing this.

Our origins

Alice was a registered nutritionist looking for products for her clients, and Rosie was trying desperately to find something to support her problem skin. The supplement market is incredibly confusing; from ineffective, cheap mass market products, to beautifully branded products which are more style than substance, to the supplements Alice had given Rosie that are only available on the recommendation of an expensive practitioner.  These were only only available through specialist websites, were unbranded and sold in single forms – meaning  they’d you’d need to take almost 10 different products, which was extremely expensive at around £350/month.

Expense aside, this approach can be highly effective which sparked our dedication to making them more readily available. We decided to create our own and launched Equi after two years of testing and perfecting the products.

Beauty Formula won several awards, but we wanted to extend our range across other areas of wellness concern throughout life, with Menopause being a vital pillar in female health.

Simplifying your supplements

With Equi, we are removing the confusion and that all-too-often disappointment from supplements.  We’ve created all-in-one solutions that cover all of your wellness bases, replacing a whole shelf of supplements. Think of Equi as a trip to an expert nutritionist in a bottle. All you need to do is remember to take them every day! Our products might be a little pricier than the next, but when you see that you don’t need any other product alongside (we’ve condensed 10+ high quality products into one) we hope you’ll see the cost savings.  We also believe that our results speak for themselves and we have hundreds off 5* reviews. Feeling your best is priceless, but real, noticeable results won’t cost you the earth at Equi.

Diet always comes first, however our busy lives can mean that there are gaps in our diet – lets face it, it’s hard to eat well all the time even if you make an effort! Science shows that high quality, well researched supplements can be extremely supportive and help to give the backup that so many of us need and Equi takes away all the confusion surrounding this with convenient and effective products.

Equi stands for EQUIlibrium, because we believe in the power of the body in balance, which is when it’s working in its most efficient state such that you can look and feel and your best, no matter your age and phase of life.

Our formulations contain around 50 science backed nutrients in therapeutic doses so that they give results, but the really special thing about them is the way they work in your body. Each Formula is so unique and effective because it nourishes every part of your body. This approach is based on the fact that we each have 10 different internal systems, and that optimum health comes from nourishing them all.

Imbalances or weakened parts of us, such as in our immunity, digestion or hormones, can have ripple effects throughout the body, which we experience in many different ways.  Low mood, poor energy, inability to focus, bloating, weight gain, problem skin that’s ageing prematurely, or hair loss – these are niggling symptoms we often put up with but are often signs that there is an internal imbalance that requires attention.

Never has this approach been more important for a women than when she reaches peri-menopause and menopause.  Since the change in hormones affects the whole body and can lead to a huge variety of symptoms, for a product to really make a difference it needs to address everything from hormones to your gut, energy, mood and sleep, making it a comprehensive partner in your health journey.

The Menopause Formulas

Every ingredient we’ve included in Menopause Formula has been carefully selected by our team of qualified nutritionists, and included at optimal levels to ensure it supports your body through this period of change. Menopause Formula and Menopause Oil Edition are a system that work together to make that transition smoother, helping you to maintain not only your wellbeing but crucially, your sense of self.

Whether you’re experiencing hot flushes, mood swings, sleep disturbances, or energy dips, these supplements have been designed to work holistically, supporting not just one, but all aspects of your health.. it really is a whole-body approach.

Also remember that it’s not just about easing symptoms – it’s also about providing your body with the right kind of nourishment to thrive in midlife and beyond. That’s why our supplement also focuses on supporting cognitive function, cardiovascular health, bone strength, ageing and the microbiome – all crucial elements for your overall health and well-being.

Menopause Oil Edition works together with our Menopause Formula as a complete system to tackle all of the symptoms and issues that can come about when your hormones start to change in midlife. Our Formula contains around 50 amazing ingredients, but the one thing that we cannot pack in are omegas which are really critical at this time. Our Menopause Oil Edition has therefore been specifically designed, blended and bottled to deliver an ultimate natural antioxidant and omega superpower blend to go alongside your Menopause Formula capsule or powder (both are available so you can choose your preference).

Packed full of fresh, cutting-edge, cold-pressed natural oils from the best suppliers we could find, this liquid omega oil supplement contains six nutrient-rich organic oils that have each been carefully selected for their anti-inflammatory properties to help tackle dryness both. The true star of the show is cold-pressed sea buckthorn oil, the only source of omega 7 which is renowned for its moisture-boosting abilities. We’ve carefully balanced this with plant-based omegas 3 and 6 as well as evening primrose oil and nutritional goldmine pumpkin seed oil.

We take pride in sharing that with each Equi jar we sell, we make a dedicated commitment to extracting 1kg of plastic from our oceans. Our ongoing collaboration with partners has already resulted in the removal of the equivalent of 700,000 ocean-bound bottles – and this tally continues to rise. From packaging to bottles, our entire range is designed for recyclability, incorporating a substantial amount of recycled materials. The selection of our suppliers hinges on their sustainability credentials, ensuring that every link in our supply chain resonates with our underlying philosophy.

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We understand there’s a lot of information out there on the menopause. You can read through the NICE guidance on menopause management, as well as the NHS overview on the menopause.