Get to know Faace with founder Jasmine Wicks-Stephens

Pared down and concise, the Faace skincare range is all about gentle treatments that pull serious punches. With beautiful, sensorial fragrances and names like Sweaty Faace, Dirty Faace and Stress Faace to help you choose the product you need, it’s easy to slot a Faace formula into your everyday routine.

Founder Jasmine Wicks-Stephens shares everything you need to know about her soon-to-be iconic brand…

What inspired you to create the Faace range?

I’ve worked in beauty for almost 20 years, helping brands launch internationally and have always wanted to create something for myself. Doing the job, I’ve been surrounded by amazing beauty experts – journalists, skin experts, aromatherapists – and we all joined forces on Faace, including my husband Dan who is an excellent designer.

The idea came when I’d just become a new mum and when brushing my teeth even got bumped off the list some nights due to sheer exhaustion, I realised that what was out there (multi-step routines that require you to be your own skin chemist), and what I was doing previously in my beauty routine wasn’t realistic for a time poor, tired mum.

Also at that time, I worked in an all female office and we were period obsessed. Obsessed with how our cycles would sync and how it impacted our skin. I was a big Period Faace candidate. But when I went to try and find something to pacify the skin problems, I couldn’t find anything. And so, Tired Faace and Period Faace (and Sweaty Faace) were born.

How do hormones affect our skin’s balance?

Whether it’s stress, periods or menopause related hormones, they can play havoc with our skin. From dryness to spots, fine lines and wrinkles to redness, hormones can show up in our skin. Traditionally skincare has looked at skin type – dry/ageing etc. But that’s problematic in that firstly, you have to know exactly what your skin type is and also, it’s targeting concerns only for that type. But what if skin has contradictory concerns like dry skin and spots at the same time? This is what we’re looking to provide – easy solutions, so you can grab for just a couple of items but know they are going to be super effective.

Which products help to solve a midlife/menopause problem?

Perimenopausal and menopausal skin concerns can include dryness, blemishes, redness, hyperpigmentation, lack of elasticity, dullness. Menopause Faace is our bestseller. It’s a cream and mask combo that also works to prime the skin. Not only is the creamy texture great for moisturising a dry complexion, it also mattifies on the skin so works as a great base for make-up. You can slather on a thick layer overnight and wake up feeling plumper and more hydrated. Knowing that menopausal skin can have multiple concerns, we’ve included lots of different ingredients to help. For example, you could be getting spots again for the first time in 20 years.

For dry skin, we’ve included ingredients like hyaluronic acid/glycerin that can work well to keep skin moisturised, ingredients to calm the skin and help reduce blemishes like rose water and zinc, and something with skin regenerating properties like rosehip or vitamin A to help keep skin springy. You can also find that sometimes traditional anti-ageing creams are very heavy on the skin, which is the last thing you need if skin is hot or greasy. Plus, it comes in a hefty 100ml tube, which is better value than skin creams that come in 30ml or 50ml sizes.

Menopause Faace is complemented really well with the Dull Faace Cleanser, which we have in an exclusive bundle for QVC. This creamy/clay formula is packed full of lots of active ingredients to not only thoroughly cleanse but also treat the skin with its brightening, nourishing formula.

The ingredients list for Dull Faace is extensive, but it contains a trio of acids for brightening as well as vitamin C and avocado to name a few.

We’ve also worked with an aromatherapist on the blends, so if you enjoy a spa-like product, then Faace is for you. All of our products are vegan and ethically sourced and we also donate to two organisations with purchases – The Menopause Charity, set up by menopause doctor Dr. Louise Newson and also Hey Girls, where we operate on a buy one, give one initiative, providing sanitary products to those experiencing period poverty.

I love the fact that our products are branded for your ‘Menopause’, ‘Period’ or ‘Sweaty’ Faace too, as it feels feministic to be like, so what, I am experiencing that, and owning it! Conversations around these topics have been taboo for women in the past, and we are passionate about changing that.

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