Feeling refreshed and revitalised with FreshWipes

We sat down with the FreshWipes team find out a little more about this groundbreaking brand, which has quickly established itself as a firm favourite for QVC customers…

Our story began in January 2020 when our founder Liz Barnes (a medical rep, specialising in antiseptic solutions for hospitals) recognised the critical importance of pre-operative skin cleansing to minimise post-surgical infections. Surprisingly, the majority of surgical infections originate from the bacteria on the patient’s own skin, and these same bacteria that colonise our bodies, also contributes to body odour.

Intrigued by the obvious need for a widely-available product, which could effectively reduce bacteria levels on the skin, eliminate unwanted odours, and evoke a refreshing sensation, FreshWipes came into existence. Our biodegradable body wipes serve as the perfect companion for those challenging moments in life when access to a shower seems impossible or impractical, enabling you to regain confidence, independence, and a revitalizing freshness effortlessly.

Available in a choice of scents, and with each wipe being extra-moist, it’s possible to give yourself a full body cleanse without the need for a shower or bath.

Who benefits from FreshWipes?

Our customer base includes individuals with physical disabilities, limited mobility, and various special needs that hinder regular bathing or showering routines. The overwhelming feedback we receive from these customers is nothing short of amazing; they consider our wipes an absolute godsend.

Among our loyal supporters, we proudly count international disabled GB adaptive athletes, dedicated caregivers, a revered World War II veteran, nature enthusiasts who revel in camping adventures, resilient HGV drivers, post-operative and bedridden individuals, menopausal women grappling with hot flushes, and elderly or disabled individuals awaiting the installation of a new wet-room or bathroom.

The FreshWipes experience resonates with people from all walks of life, including sports enthusiasts seeking reliable hygiene solutions.

How do FreshWipes combat body odour?

Our advanced formula harnesses the power of antibacterial ingredients, prominently featuring Chlorhexidine, which rapidly eradicates bacteria and protein elements present in sweat that contribute to unpleasant odours. Consequently, our wipes effortlessly leave you feeling invigoratingly clean, as if you’ve just stepped out of a refreshing shower, even if days have passed without one.

What sets FreshWipes apart in terms of environmental responsibility?

We hold a profound commitment to the planet’s well-being, which is why our adult wipes are proudly biodegradable and free from plastic. Crafted from viscose, a luxurious cellulose material derived from sustainable wood pulp, each wipe boasts a remarkable softness and thickness. Furthermore, when disposed of in soil or compost, wipes begin to decompose within 30-45 days.

Why are FreshWipes a game-changer for menopause?

Menopause and perimenopause can be complex periods in a woman’s life, marked by irregular periods and eventually stopping altogether.

During these unpredictable times, unexpected bleeding can pose challenges. FreshWipes Intimates provide an ideal personal cleansing solution, ensuring a quick refresh and eliminating any concerns regarding unwanted odours. Dermatologically tested and pH balanced, these fragrance-free wipes are specifically designed for the delicate skin in intimate areas, offering unparalleled comfort and peace of mind.

Hot flushes can be particularly troublesome, as immediate access to a shower may not always be feasible, intensifying concerns about body odour. Fear not, for FreshWipes Body Wipes come to the rescue! Conveniently storable in bags, lockers, or desks, they empower you to effortlessly freshen up throughout your day, wherever it may take you.

Pro tip: for an instant, revitalizing cool-down during a hot flush, store a wipe in the fridge and gently place it on the back of your neck. The refreshing sensation will be a welcomed relief in such moments.

Menopause can often be a time when we are not only struggling with our own bodies but also oftentimes trying to care for elderly parents too. FreshWipes shampoo caps are the perfect solution for hair washing if showering is prevented due to ill-health, surgery or disability. The cap is simply placed on the head, the hair tucked inside and massaged through the cap for 3 minutes. Towel dry the hair after to remove the dirt, grease and odour and voila’ clean, fresh hair without water!

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