Marishka Dunlop introduces her brand Life Armour

Life Armour came about when I started my own perimenopausal journey. I was working full-time, had two children, and was generally feeling run down and stressed out. But as I shopped around for some sort of supplement to support my emotional and physical wellbeing, I became more and more confused. I was conscious that I needed to better manage stressful times, prioritise my sleep and support my energy – but couldn’t find what I needed.

While I started out looking for something to help myself, I quickly realised I could really help women like me. There are so many supplements on the market, yet few offer real quality ingredients and are often diluted by things our bodies just don’t need. With the support of amazing friends, family members and a trusted group of experts I set out to design a range of products that contained only what the body needed and nothing it didn’t.

I had spent my career developing skincare products for well-known brands so creating supplements was a completely new challenge. But I was passionate about developing something of real quality, free from bulking agents and fillers.

A different kind of supplement brand

The aim of the products is to help people stress less, get better rest, and feel more energised. Stress can impact us in so many ways and prolonged periods of sleeplessness and anxiety can be seriously detrimental to our long-term health. There is also increased evidence to suggest that heightened stress during perimenopause and menopause can make this period of change much harder to manage, so it’s important to manage this as best you can.

Life Armour products are a collaboration between a community of women and experts such as nutritionists and GPs. Since being launched, the Life Armour range has won multiple awards and has a growing fan base.

Our customer’s needs

Life Armour products have found a home among a large community of women who are perimenopausal and menopausal. The feedback has been so positive, and our customers have been so loyal, it’s really helped to grow the brand and refine our belief that natural, targeted ingredients are best.

Drops of Slumber+ and Drops of Balance have also been popular with parents looking to support their teenagers with things like exam anxiety, school stress and so on.

People who buy our liquid supplements are looking to support their mental and emotional well-being.

The importance of bio-availability

Bio-availability is all about how well the body can absorb and use a substance. It’s an essential part of the Life Armour ethos as the quicker a supplement is absorbed, the more effective it’s going to be. Hence our preference for liquid supplements as the body will absorb a liquid much faster than a pill or tablet. Just one pipette of Drops of Slumber contains all the right ingredients for a restful night and is free of harmful chemicals.

So many supplements are riddled with agents and fillers that our bodies have absolutely no need for. That’s why our range of products are so unique. They are completely natural and formulated with the purest and highest quality ingredients such as Montmorency Cherry, Chamomile and Ashwagandha.

Our range of products are also vegan-friendly, so you know you’re getting all the good stuff!

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