Neom founder Nicola Elliott’s top tips for a peaceful bedtime

Neom is one of the most popular beauty and wellbeing brands we stock at QVC and founder Nicola Elliott has a wealth of knowledge around the power of aromatherapy. As the seasons start to change, our sleep routines can change too – so she’s provided some great tips on how to ensure a restful night’s sleep during menopause.

How can we create a calm, cool and collected evening routine?

A consistent evening routine is a must for helping you to feel more relaxed and prepare you for a better night’s sleep. I try my best to start winding down around 7:30pm each night but of course this doesn’t always go to plan. Lighting a candle (Real Luxury or Perfect Night’s Sleep) instantly helps to bring those calm vibes and give that ‘ahh’ feeling. Having a bath also works wonders for relieving tension after a busy day. I find it’s the one moment in my day where I really do switch off. No bedtime is complete without a spritz (or four) of our Pillow Mist either. I even take it with me if I’m staying away from home.

What small steps do you recommend to help unwinding at night?

I’ve become much stricter with my phone and laptop at night and have set a cut-off time. Late night scrolling and email checking really is bad news and I notice a big difference in my sleep if I don’t. I’ve also switched back to reading paperback books to keep my screen time down here too. Journalling also helps to clear my mind and I’ll often jot down anything I need to do the next day. A clear mind at bedtime is a must.

You feature magnesium in a selection of your products. Why is this such a wonder ingredient?

Magnesium really is a wonder mineral as it can help with so many things. It contributes to normal energy release and the maintenance of bones and teeth, while also helping to bring down inflammation. It helps with sleep, stress and mood, which is why we include it in our gorgeous Magnesium Body Butter. In each tablespoon, you’ll find 88mg of the stuff!

Lavender or chamomile: what are the benefits and differences?

Both lavender and chamomile are great essential oils to use when it comes to sleep. Both help to promote feelings of relaxation and can help you to drift off at night. You’ll find lavender, sweet basil and jasmine in our bestselling Perfect Night’s Sleep collection but for those who are not so keen on the scent, we created a second, chamomile-based sleep range – Bedtime Hero. It’s a firm favourite for those who prefer fresher, fruitier scents with gorgeous notes of ylang ylang and cedarwood.

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