Pause: a beauty brand created for menopausal skin

We’re thrilled to have launched Pause Well-Aging Skincare at QVC, a concise, curated edit of skincare developed specifically for perimenopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal complexions. Founder Rochelle Weitzner has shared her story with us, along with all the details on her incredible luxurious and efficacious range.

Rochelle, can you tell us about your brand ethos and the origins of Pause?

I was inspired to launch Pause Well-Aging after experiencing my first hot flush. Following many years as the executive running top beauty brands, as I looked for solutions, I was shocked to discover that most products geared for ‘women my age’ either seemed rooted in the 1950s, offered little to no information to assure me that hot flushes and changing skin were a normal part of this life stage, or quite frankly, didn’t exist at all.

Pause launched in 2019 as the first menopause-centric skincare brand. Why skincare? Because the quality of our skin is critically important to our self-esteem, especially at this time in our lives.

Our mission is to defy ageist stereotypes while addressing the specific needs of menopausal skin – from the outside in, and the inside out. To date, this holistic approach to skincare has empowered thousands of women to celebrate their strength and beauty and confidently embrace the next chapter of their lives.

Talk us through the Pause Complex.

Our Proprietary Pause Complex is a fusion of six vitamins, antioxidants and peptides that powers every single product formula in our line. It is designed to help more experienced skin look firmer, brighter, tighter, and deeply hydrated – working in combination with carefully chosen ingredients in each of our products to deliver benefits specific to menopausal skin.

How can customers slot your products into their everyday beauty routine?

I believe skincare routines should be simple and pleasurable which makes them easier to stick to. This is why I created fewer products that do more. A great moisturiser is the foundation of any menopausal skincare routine. Our Collagen Boosting Moisturizer can be used day and night to keep skin consistently hydrated.

We suggest pairing the moisturiser with our Fascia Stimulating Tool for five minutes a day, massaging your face and neck using our Pause Method. The moisturiser allows the tool to more easily slip and glide across the skin, and the tool allows the moisturiser to better absorb into skin for greater benefit.

The Detox Serum should be added to your routine twice daily before applying the moisturiser (serums should always come first) if you’re looking for skin to be clearer, brighter, or more even. I created the Pause Detox Serum because I was suffering terribly from perimenopausal breakouts. I needed a product that would be powerful enough to clear out pores, exfoliate my skin, and promote skin cell turnover, but also be gentle and hydrating enough for daily use. The serum is the perfect product with fruit-derived enzymes that work as AHAs to exfoliate and soften skin while willow bark extract, a natural form of salicylic acid, is very soothing and can assist in skin cell turnover.

Our Cooling Mist can be used anytime when one of life’s hot moments happen: hot flushes, night sweats, hot summer days, post-workout cooldowns, or anytime there is a feeling of general overheating. It works instantly, lasts up to an hour, and is handbag friendly; I never leave home without it.

Tell us about your Fascia Stimulating Tool.

Hormonal changes in menopause can cause skin sagging, dullness, loss of texture and dryness. Reduced levels of oestrogen lead to dramatic collagen loss which can accelerate skin ageing. The tool was engineered to help stimulate fibroblasts – collagen-producing cells within the fascia connective tissue.

This novel approach to skincare was based on scientific research that suggests external skin stimulation can reach beyond the surface to the subdermal level. Using the tool daily may improve blood flow, support cell turnover, encourage lymphatic drainage, boost collagen production, and optimise overall skin nutrition – which can help reduce sagging and enhance volume and elasticity for skin that looks tighter, toned, and more radiant.

If you had to choose, what would you say is your favourite product from your range?

That’s a tough question! I obviously love all my products since each was created to address a personal need I was experiencing at the time. That said, I recommend the Collagen Boosting Moisturizer to everyone because it’s so critically important for menopausal skin to remain hydrated and this product is a lightweight, easily absorbed, hydrating powerhouse. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Fascia Stimulating Tool because these two products were designed to work together to address neck, jawline and facial sagging, which is one of the top concerns I had heading into menopause. Daily facial massage with the Fascia Stimulating Tool has improved the appearance of these areas for me so having my moisturiser and tool close by at all times is really critical.

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