Calling all Perriconistas!

When it comes to our Todays Special Value offers, Perricone is one I’m always hoping for… Well, it sure has arrived, and I’ll be bringing it to you live tonight at 9pm with Kara Beck, our Perricone ambassador. We’ll be showcasing this Rolls Royce of skincare with a five-piece collection.

The formulations are created by world-renowned dermatologist and nutritionist Dr Nick Perricone. This scientifically formulated skincare range features innovative treatments to help target the visible signs of ageing… it’s serious skincare – don’t expect wonderful pampery fragrances – expect results and more results. I’ve used Perricone as my core skincare since it was launched at QVC. I love the unusual concept but mostly the results and the comments of confidence I receive. I can always tell a Perricone skin.

What do you get? I hear you cry. A full routine to get you set up and ready to go on your Perricone skincare journey.

Vitamin C Ester Daily Brightening & Exfoliating Peel 

This is new to QVC, and I literally ripped the box open to give it a try. It gives you that boost of radiance with love and the appearance of the Perricone glow. I love the fact you don’t have to remove it;  you just add your face-firming moisturiser over the top.

Cold Plasma Plus Sub D Neck

Not to be put aside, the sub–D is an incredible formulation for the neck. I’ve used this since it was launched and it’s a very quick step. If you have neglected your neck or you’re not getting results with what you are currently using, then it’s never too late to change or start, and it’s well worth those extra two minutes of application.

Vitamin C Ester Brightening Cleanser

Great to use every day or as a quick shower cleanser. It’s more than Vitamin C , it’s Vitamin C Ester. A quick and easy formulation with a light texture. Men love it too, in fact men love the whole range…

Neuropeptide Hero Firming Moisturiser

A perfect match to the night cream . This collection brings you a whole routine. This moisturiser, like the Perricone range, will not only challenge your skin, but give you the appearance of tighter, firmer-looking skin.

Neuropeptide hero Night Cream 

Where do I begin? I can’t imagine ever leaving  this incredible moisturiser out of my skincare routine. I’m a little obsessed – once I discovered this and the results I was blown away. A little, and I mean a little, goes a long way, so please don’t overuse it as you won’t get any better results. The texture is simply divine but it’s all about the results with Perricone. This moisturiser has stood the test of time and never disappoints or lets my skin down. I always hope it’s in our Perricone Today’s Special Value offers, so I was delighted when I dived into the collection and it was there alongside the other four pieces.

Bringing Perricone Today’s Special Value offers to QVC allows us to afford such an incredible, results -driven range. This would be untouchable outside of QVC… our saving and price is magnificent.

See you tonight at 9pm to find out all about this superb Perricone offer. I think I’m more excited than you !

Much love, sparkle and happiness.

Jill x